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Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale Today treasure my f

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We have been invited. Half past eight the baby woke up, we followed a comfortable sleep Lanjue, first milk your baby in bed, clean up after dressing. Also clean up the bedroom when he heard Po grandparents came about yesterday treasure father and grandfather that we treasure today to attend the wedding, so he drove us to go, Po grandmother was called with the baby's right. But wake up, we had a good discussion with the baby go, all-year-old child, and should experience a number of lively scenes.

After breakfast, go out have nine forty, but the people on the message that 10:10 start of the wedding ceremony, we rushed through the entire city of Beijing party, seems to come short. The traffic jam, it seems limited to line of the weekend, out of car owners are driving, the speed of a snail like progress. Since the catch, is such a traffic jam, anxiety is of no use, right when I have a chance, let me, hard to get My baby is not sticky, about 20 minutes car dealers looked at him as if sleepy, want to hold him over to let him sleep, he do not want a hold over to my father immediately hold the last climb. Bao father as early as 7 am until 7 pm go home, every day I accompanied him, but as long as my father around, he preferred and dad together, it seems that it is the blood relationship of gravity, Not exactly the length of time to accompany him to decide.

Well, I am happy to idle it, I appreciate the scenery outside the car right, by the way, under a daze (baby, ah, with your mom, trance is a luxury, constant vigilance was looking at you, occasionally a little too easy you can create trouble to the Mummy). For Beijing city, I like, like his home hundreds of years ago ancient civilization and modern architecture in the city with the soul of people feel the history of street alley Cang Sang, Guaige Wan to the street there is the city's downtown landscape, like a perspective view of another feeling.

all the way thoughts drift away, did not take long to feel the vicinity of West Point Hongkun International Hotel. Baby to sleep a little sleep, never sleep the morning, I still have not wake up to wake him up should be able to have the spirit of it. Holding the baby sleepy hazy also into the hotel, he looked at the bright lights, slowly to the spirit, and looking around, eyes full of curiosity. Two new beautiful and handsome, for their infinite blessings. When we arrived, the wedding ceremony was about to start, listen to presenters talk to know that the ceremony changed to 10:58, we caught up.

we groom students to be placed in a table, the husband saw several long-lost college students, busy and talk to them, they looked at us with a one year old baby have joked: XX, you move fast enough, the children are so big. I glanced at the same table where a woman who they are or jewels or wearing stylish leopard, dark clothes, except me, holding one-year-old child is still wearing a pink lace and a lot of Yi Lin cotton jacket. , also wearing a pink head hairpin, with a small flat white boots, dress kawaii and their dress is not only out of tune, or one year old child's mother. I did not notice if someone looked at me surprised as usual, even if I used, I just like pink, white and a series of lovely dress, a habit, like the princess of all things kawaii, when Mom did not want to change the route kawaii, though he is one year old baby and the mother meet the image of it.

wedding ceremony began, the hall lights flicker, the baby opened his eyes curious look around, but it seems a little frightened, obediently round the treasure my father's neck, his head kept turning around to see, not silent, probably scared by loud rock music, in order to distract him, I gave him a biscuit, his father sitting on the quiet legs, they eat a biscuit, they gave my father eating a hand to eat a mother, it so turns to eat. Next to the lady, said: He Zhenguai, sit quietly no trouble, my family daughter 15 months, and may not be so obediently. Oo is the baby's mother, it seems something to chat. I said: just arrived in the new environment, not familiar with it, a little scared raw look. Wedding ceremony to light music time, he picked up on the table ready for the wedding, issued a Sound, and explained that it had to accept the new environment, and usually curious, he is Indeed, watching other people applauded, he should have clapped hands, bare white teeth smile, legs hobbled down. After a while, to see the stage every now and then a string of bubbles, he struggled to come down to earth, took me to see me take him in the past. Well, you have not seen such a beautiful bubble, Mommy let you see your fill. I followed him to the front of the stage, knelt down, arms around him, pointing to the bubble and talk to him. Bubble over, he pulled me back, even know coming back, (although only the distance between two large tables, but in the new environment, this performance makes me a little surprise) back to the table, holding his father's thigh to hold. Feed him a piece of chocolate, chocolate is the first time, then more and more open, and tried to grab the spoon bowls chopsticks on the table, and quickly to remove the.

ceremony is over, I went to the bathroom, leaving my father told Po optimistic about the baby, who knows that they come back or front of a broken half of a plate. I: This is more sorry ah, break someone else's bowl, and treasure are not optimistic about how Dad does. Husband: he pick up a table spoon to knock the plate, the plate would break. It seems that this plate is not good enough, strike him on half a spoon, but this agile two-hands experience of my rapidly, and these days I just looked up and bending moment broke a few things. Start the meal, because they are not halal food, we eat, and groom on farewell leave.

the car less than five minutes, her husband said, pointing to the baby corner: This is the tears, or sweat?

me: tears it may yawn flow, which would be no sweat.

after a while, I come to your baby, how it felt slimy wet his face. Touched the back of the head, is sweat. This kid has too much firepower, although the car does not open the window but not hot, ah, hats off quickly, and her husband, said: baby is sweating, hair wet, it seems just a sweat.

first hat off, the head of the sweat dry, then rub the back, reached into his clothes, the clothes are really sweating too damp. But did not dare to undress right away, fearing the heat a cold, colds, first unlock the jacket buttons, touch who have done it off the sweat jacket, feeling he adapted to every window was open a little, too for a cotton vest was off. Morning to go out, I thought to go out on the car, get off into the hotel also has central heating, to give him to wear a light jacket and a jacket should be, and take his jacket to wear to help Po grandmother, I go to dress. Grandma said yesterday the snow had just melted snow today, cold outside, to wear a jacket in cotton vest. I thought she had just come out, to know the temperature outside, on with her. In fact, every time out, my grandmother often and treasure there is a dispute on the baby clothes I wear and own him as much as or slightly thinner, but too little treasure my grandmother always said, sometimes I put on the basis of He gave an increase, sometimes without us, but also took the clothes out. I know my grandmother is a kind of treasure is really hurts grandson, but the thickness of her own dress to baby dress made reference to her already cold, the summer also wear two pants, how can children and the elderly than it .

on the road, her husband asked to Wangjing, I know he misses games, and added it to save money, save money game rooms frequented only empty words. I am interested in those games that are not, and feel to the game room to accompany the baby might as well play the game more fun to play, said: I do not, do not pull me. Would like to say opposition, but then I thought: he was seven nights every seven to work towards, and indeed tiring, and he became the hobby, let him relax on the right when one day, anyway, the money he and his nagging that money is his business, so I want to spend less to worry about spent, as long as the care of babies. Recently I was slowly opened to see, good only for his nagging, he also argued that it was his thing, worry about me, then I sit back and enjoy it, eat something to eat on the first day.

(own mind chatter) are themselves one day with a baby, we are not that bad weekend with two days still one person, and not thinking about the weekend you can share the point of separation of one hour per day work to accompany baby playing on the line. If the baby toss, no time to wipe the floor clean up the house or no way to cook, not clean up the chant, chant the next day free re-cleaning, pigs, how the nest life one day,Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale, I eat out with the leisure of it, I do not want the same as before, and you non-rivalry, calculating what you do at home, no need for the sweeping gas for cooking and other chores hurt, not worth it. Allows you to easily free day for it, maybe Feng Wan came back, the same as before to bring home to see my kettle to boil, immediately said he came rushing to boil it. Prevented him out to play, even if to stay home with us, still and do nothing, and afterwards he said I do not support any proposal it.

treasure Grandpa: Do you go together, I brought the baby back on the line.

I really do not want to go, the game could not get the slightest interest. Besides your baby one person to co-pilot position I do not worry, Wangjing to do at home but also twenty minutes to go high then, he usually sat with Grandpa Po district just wandering, slow speed, the car less. Year-old baby alone in the car seat to go high-speed, point out that if anything, regrets are too late. Dad proposed to Wangjing Po, Po grandfather did not raise any objection, I also went to support, transfer it to go towards the Wangjing. But along the way after the start nagging, said her husband have had a three-year-old man, is a child's father, and they have not learned to drive this car, no matter where his father when the driver should not think of how savings to the group. Husband remains the same as saying that the drive to treasure grandfather, wanted him to walk out more, do not always hanging around at home is good for him and the like. After Yeliang began to quarrel, for I am accustomed to seeing such a scene, the quiet is not a word, once before, when I said they quarrel husband twelve, her husband was complaining about: it was me and my dad make fun of each other's arguments, you touch, showing the way toward the parents, I am your husband also, do not help me, arms out Abduction. For my man, sometimes I both love and frustration, this did not own a car to drive to work every day so my father drove to the subway station, said that if his father would not send him to drive to work, he was a little attachment father sent him to work feeling. When they shout
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