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Nasdaq vice chairman Michael Oxley Beijing in August this year on the Baidu World Conference said publicly that he believes the most promising Baidu became the first impact of ten billion U.S. dollars market value of Chinese stocks. Just a month later ,Monster Beats Butterfly, his prediction will be realized, September 24,Beats By Dr Dre Lamborghini, the U.S. Nasdaq market, Baidu's shares hit a new high of $ 303.7, valuing the company broke through the ten billion U.S. dollars mark,Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio Lebron James, which is following the September 19 Tencent In Hong Kong main board after breaking ten billion U.S. dollars market value of the second China-related stocks.
This can be said Baidu CEO Robin Li, another miracle, with its unique business ideas to win the favor of the capital market.
unique entrepreneurial Li founded Baidu
thinking itself is the story of a legend, he had an article , can not see other people succeed in a business field, we drive to the bustling With the Internet, more and more areas of the success of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs of the age is getting smaller and smaller, it seems that people feel the Internet business is the most likely to succeed, but Li does not encourage students to neglect their studies start: unique business ideas that focus on early as 2002 and 2003, the then three major portals coupled with Tom, in the press and radio, the rushing instant messaging, online games, and e-commerce and search. instant messaging boss Tencent, after entering the wireless and online games, start self-built portal. Alibaba e-commerce framework in the introduction of instant messaging and search capabilities. big boss online, wireless and online advertising are involved, and even had planned to bundle Pocket well-informed market, and Yahoo from mergers and acquisitions since 3721, the e-mail, search, instant messaging, etc. At the same time force, while Baidu unmoved, only search.
Robin Li and Baidu focus to a successful harvest. Baidu at the end of 2002 entering a mature stage. 2003, in the third-party evaluation, Baidu than Google, a search engine of choice for Internet users in China the same year in July, Baidu launched *** film, the two techniques of search engine news, the first Chinese to consolidate the the status of the search engine industry, and launched the search area, paste it and other functions, these community-based products, such as the bar,Monster Jamz High Performance Headphones, a huge increase of Baidu traffic and user interaction.
order to strengthen competitiveness, Baidu prior to listing one week upgraded Web search, will search for the number of pages from 600 million in January rose to 800 million; the same year on August 4, Baidu also announced to double the speed web pages updated in the heat remaining listed Baidu time, Baidu super Search Pa 4.9.3 and in full bloom on 15 August, in addition to their own personalized custom search page to find Pa interface and features such as buttons, but also through the integration of Baidu's search function searches the hard disk, so that users can not only search the Internet information, you can search your computer for all kinds of information.
careful observation we found that Baidu from its inception, every release of a product or launch a strategy,Beats by Dre Solo Diamond, and its main industry always searching for. Li once told media interview, said, Baidu is the biggest pressure is too young industry, whether listed or not are the same. is not a high price pressure, the problem is not pressure employees, lawsuits are not pressure. companies like Baidu, focusing on search engine, not the other. Internet companies in China plan is the most generous incentive plan one or even Li said, There are nearly 300 millionaires, while reception also has a huge option, as and wealth are not missed because of the departure in April 2004 when, Baidu stock split internally to split in two, double the options of all employees have left the company more than .10, and even some exotic far away is the original Baidu employees difficult to think that one day human resources Baidu will find themselves all over the world, the money worth hundreds of million of wealth to give them. Since then, Baidu shares fell sharply at the risk of commitment, made large sums of money to reward employees.
is With so many unique, Robin Li of Baidu and he maintained a steady and rapid growth in the favor of its access to capital markets is not surprising.
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