Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified the whole of Japan

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Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified the whole of Japan

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Okinawa: history and current status can not be ignored [author Jinde Xiang Chen Degong
For a long time, people are very concerned about the ***, but little attention to the Ryukyu Islands. The U.S. and Japan Ryukyu's actions in the struggle and the local people, less research experts, the press reported that less and less comments while Japan does not appreciate, but have nothing to fear, it further rob our territory and maritime resources, we must change this situation, the Ryukyu told the world the truth!

Okinawa is the legacy of World War II colonial

pending since the 12th century, ie the formation of the Ryukyu three small kingdom from the Ming Dynasty Hongwu years (AD 1372), began to concede defeat to pay tribute to China, with China to maintain a relationship between the five centuries of dependencies during which Xuande four years (1429) in the mediation of the Ming emperor, three small kingdom into a unified Ryukyu Kingdom Ming Dynasty emperors total 21 canonization of the Ryukyu king, Chinese given ship, sailors, etc., Okinawa to the development of overseas trade, huge profits. Qing Dynasty was founded, the further development of bilateral relations, has ten times the canonization of the Ryukyu king.
; 1549 years ago, Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified the whole of Japan, strength grew, began to attack Okinawa, captive its king, cut its territory. the implementation of the late nineteenth century after the Meiji Restoration, Japan to further outward expansion. Ryukyu Kingdom bear the brunt of Japan's Ryukyu Kingdom in 1872 as a fan of waste, and in 1879 it changed to Okinawa, Ryukyu completely swallowed. In this regard, the Qing government protest. strained bilateral relations; year, outgoing President Grant visits the United States Day, who act as a mediator, one-third of Okinawa's proposed program, China is about to go south of the island, central Ryukyu king Zionist owned, owned by the northern island of Japan, by Japanese Minister to China, Japan refused to .1880 chi household disaster official proposal to the Qing government the conclusion of the Treaty Okinawa, Japan is willing to allow the eviction of two ancient and Yaeyama Islands to China, with outstanding results, the Qing court refused to .1895 years after the Sino-Japanese wins my Taiwan, Penghu, and Liaodong Peninsula .1910 .1914, Japan annexed Korea in Japan participated in World War I, and I occupied the Shandong Peninsula and Germany hosted the Pacific Islands from this history can be seen in Japan continued aggression and expansion process, Okinawa was the first victim.
Before World War II the Japanese annexation of Okinawa, but sixty years after World War II, Asia, Africa colonial rule for centuries been a subsidiary of colonies became independent countries and Japan invaded and occupied many regions in Asia, but also resolved one by one, leaving only next Okinawa, the interference of the United States as international unsolved.

U.S. policy against the Okinawa International Lutheran

Japanese annexation of Okinawa by force, U.S. President Roosevelt is to understand , and therefore deprive Japan of the Ryukyu advocate the possession in the Cairo meeting, he proposed more than once to the Chiang Kai-shek Chinese management of the Ryukyu pay, but only agreed to Jiang, documents in the history of the U.S. State Department and White House memorandum for the meeting are documented .1943 published in the land are also advised to expel the Japanese The eighth convention: 2 April, Allied High Command MacArthur Youyi name, designated administrative region of Japan is limited to four island and nearby islands, and is limited to 30 degrees north latitude. This is the located at latitude 30 degrees south, is not Japanese territory.
after the outbreak of the Korean War, U.S. policy became pale and .1951 in September, two U.S. allies in World War II, regardless of China and the Soviet Union country's opposition, bringing together 48 countries, individually and Japan signed the third, that Japan agreed to the United States to the United Nations to the Ryukyu Islands and other islands said about the Japanese to retain sovereignty over these islands, he said he was happy for this. But this is only one side while the other side is that even if ;, Okinawa is such a case, Japan is of course no sovereignty. Section 78 provides that The It is no longer sovereign Ryukyu, Okinawa is not the territory, if admitted Okinawa is Japan's territory, it can not host. the progressive development of independence. on behalf of Dulles said that Japan Okinawa only Peace and not as described in custody to the United Nations and other islands of the Ryukyu recommendations; also fails the , but with the facilities given to the regime and about the islands occupied by its military strategy services.
1962 In March, U.S. President John F. Kennedy said, Okinawa is Japan's territory, which is publicly acknowledged Japan the sovereignty of the Ryukyu Islands, not only a flagrant violation of the Okinawa said, legal rights, not because the regime applied to return to Japan to weaken the rights of other requirements. from?

conflict with the US-Japan Okinawa people are still developing

Japan annexed the Ryukyu long-term resistance of local people have been victims of the Japanese people but also as to the Ryukyu of dissidents. World War II U.S. military attack on Okinawa, the Japanese army forced local people commit suicide, resulting in 200,000 deaths, the population will be reduced by a quarter .1972 in the United States, continuous movement of the country, but because force alone, nor the international support and gradually depressed, according to a 2005 survey, people in the Ryukyu independence movement in only a certain degree of public support 40.6% of people think of themselves as Ryukyu race , rather than race .24.9% of the people of Japan expressed support for independence.
most of the U.S. government will focus on Japan Okinawa base issue to avoid a national focus, but people of the United States triggered the Ryukyu on the contradictions present, the U.S. military in Okinawa 4.3 million, due to extraterritorial jurisdiction, the atrocities continue to cause people's anger. Since the mid-1990s, the U.S. military base in Okinawa harassment and violence, as the local people against the US-Japan In 1996 a new focus in August, three U.S. soldiers raped girls in Okinawa triggered a wave of unprecedented anti-American, when the abolition of the U.S. military base held a referendum, the result is the same against the U.S. military base in the Japanese government quickly set aside large sums of money to buy the financial people, just ride out the storm .1996 December, the US-Japan agreement, after the relocation of bases proposed replacement facility in March .1997, it was rumored that the atrocities committed by U.S. troops slaughtered the Ryukyu women the same year in April the Japanese Diet passed Bay City, the county moved to the Futenma Air Station in remote areas, but this agreement is still strongly opposed by local people, the Japanese government had asked to move out of the base or completely moved out of Japan, Okinawa, which is not acceptable to the United States in the United States pressure under Prime Minister Hatoyama can not be cashed due to making excuses, while the United States included in the statement to *** within the scope of Japan-US Security Treaty is the return to Japan, but the people of Okinawa has led to anti-American sentiment is bound to anger Japan and centrifugal. the development of this contradiction we should be concerned about.
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