endangering the lives of patients

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endangering the lives of patients

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introduced, according to neurosurgeon Dr. Luo Zhiwei, needles or nails and other objects into the human brain, people can survive are understandable, but so long Duandao into the patient's brain, the patient can survive , and lasted four years, it is a great miracle. This Duandao from the base of the tongue to insert,christian louboutin, tilt up, through the nose, throat, muscle until the left brain, there are a lot of people's facial nerve, when the knife into the head to avoid the major cerebral arteries as well as some facial nerve, did not lead to surface bleeding,Xiaojian Xin's nose began to bleedCriminal Law stipulates: units to report that he had received about criminal punishment, not hide. In Article 100 is added as the second paragraph: Ningbo Haishu District Court female judges Zhang Dandan view, this reflects the state of child care,, paralysis or other serious consequences. Dr. Luo Zhiwei said it was his career in medicine for nearly 30 years have not seen before,moncler donna, making the difference between the patients with the least bit lucky to keep their lives, it would be great luck in the misfortune of patients.
metallic foreign body in front of large blood vessels in the neck, from the cerebral arteries of about 3.5mm. Tip piercing the brain at the bottom of the left temporal lobe brain tissue of about 1.3cm, surrounding edema and inflammatory changes; base of the skull is part of the tip of the Ministry of foreign body in the hole and the foramen ovale between the adjacent trigeminal nerve, maxillary artery , facial artery, surgery there is a big difficulty. Yuxi Municipal People's Hospital, before this has not been faced with such special cases, suitable for advertisement in the brain of patients for up to four years, the patient can carry out a normal life and labors, but not affected, even drinking,moncler, smoking chimney. And this very risky surgery,christian louboutin chaussures, once the surgery of accidents, the consequences would be unthinkable,chaussures christian louboutin, but that after Alan Li intracranial metallic foreign bodies there has been anxiety, anger and other reactions, surgery will strongly.
hospital-wide organization of pre-operative consultation to consider a number of major surgical options, from the lower jaw, jaw after the removal; be broken if corrosion of the blade, using the skull out; or remove the nasal cavity at the other. Hospital patients and their families to seek the views of the decision to carry out surgery.

dental and neurosurgery together with the forward to the surgery, due to the location of knife near the blood vessels, nerve endings, and the location of deep, cut once during surgery to the brain arteries, can lead to patients difficult to stop bleeding,louboutin, shock and death thereby; in the microscope and endoscope with the help of dentists cut Xu stable patients with right lower jaw, through the sites of inflammation, and found Duandao seen from the end of the film, from start operation to Duandao exposure, only an hour to achieve. Duandao exposure, taking into account the blade is thin, and only 0.24cm, through the pharyngeal part of the blade has been heavily corroded, remove the process, once pulling down, deeper end of the tool body is difficult to make out, endangering the lives of patients, neurosurgery Luo Zhiwei Doctors carefully separated Duandao surrounding connective tissue, nerves in determining the non-tie him down, will be successfully removed Duandao intracranial Alan Li.

according to the patient's brother said that in 2006, Alan Li with soliciting a living driving a motorcycle, 9 21 at 10 pm, Alan Li should be a request of the guests, pull it from the Yuanjiang City to Gan village, Gan village to reach the vicinity of the back seat of the guests suddenly come up with a knife, for Alan Li robbery. In the process of resistance, Alan Li was a knife stabbed at the right lower jaw. After being stabbed, Alan Li no further resistance, the suspect stole his belongings and carry motorcycles, Alan Li then the police. Yuanjiang injured Alan Li was sent to a local hospital, due to the local medical technology and equipment limitations, did not check out the intracranial left off under the blade, doctor after wound debridement and suturing needle hit the anti-inflammatory. After dressing, the wound will gradually resume Alan Li, and no other symptoms, so there was no hospital,chaussure christian louboutin, no further examination, think there will be a knife to stay in header. Later, police caught the perpetrators stabbed Alan Li, also told the family has found a suspect with a knife attack when the knife handle,moncler sito ufficiale, but has not found this should be linked to the blade and holder.

a 10 cm long knife inserted in the header is the feel? 37-year-old man, Alan Li Yuanjiang (a pseudonym) may be deeper than anyone has realized. This is often bad breath, headaches and other problems of Hani man in January this year found a check in horror, his head was hit by a knife inserted!
perils of surgery

LI Fu-head knives for more than four years undetected, he has been suffering caused by painful inflammation of the mouth, Dr. Wang Heping said that when people suffer personal injury in such accident, may Because of the confusion around the time of the incident, the parties themselves can not be aware of tension in the body of a foreign body, the best choice to the local authority of the hospital to be checked to determine the body no foreign body left.

attending neurosurgeon Dr. King peace that knife into the patients head, the face to avoid the major blood vessels and nerves, but patients in chewing and swallowing, the knife will lead to the occurrence of residual displacement,moncler outlet, shift if the cuts other nerves or blood vessels, will endanger the lives of patients. Fortunately, the knife is in the process of displacement along the direction of the facial artery parallel to slowly move,piumini moncler, so do not cut artery, facial artery and if the knife is the vertical movement, it will cause a cut artery and a large number of serious bleeding the consequences.
Alan Li injury gradually improved, but since then, Alan Li often inflammation of the mouth, bad breath and other symptoms associated with hand according to the temples, ears, top parts of the pain will be pulled. Alan Li's wife, said after the injury, her husband has been inflammation of the mouth, often have to fight anti-inflammatory needles, and are incurable, live and could not do, busy at home a year and a half,louboutin chaussures, then in the county put up a farmers market stalls selling miscellaneous sugar. After injury, and her husband's voice than before, became hoarse, and usually the disease can also be a good point when drinking, smoking can even water pipe,moncler doudoune, but frequent inflammation of the oral cavity, 4 years ago persistent intermittent headache, oral bleeding,doudoune moncler, has been the

why Duandao stay in the patient's brain more than four years time, instead of a fierce pain, not even life-threatening? Dr Chui analysis, suitable for advertisement through the pharynx, mouth and other parts of a channel, the foreign body inflammation resulting from the exclusion of these parts, to a certain extent to avoid the disease progression, they are able to maintain such a long time, regarded as a miracle. After examination, Alan Li reaction is normal, express the point, the left temporal muscle atrophy, slightly hoarse voice, over-sensitive gag reflex, right tonsil and pharynx to the soft tissue swelling and midline shift, and other neurological examination found no abnormalities. Diagnosis of skull base, sides of neck throat Ministry of wounds, metallic foreign bodies; the right lateral neck region with chronic submandibular gland and chronic inflammation.

According to Spring City Evening News
intolerable inflammation of the mouth has always been troubled, January 24, Alan Li in Yuanjiang hospital for X-ray when his or her head with a 10 cm metal objects, when Alan Li and his family are suspected to be not a doctor made a mistake, it was decided to Yuxi City hospital confirmed.
Yuxi Municipal People's Hospital, steady Xu, MD, deputy director of dentistry that was his in-patient admissions by Yuanjiang doctors bring patients Alan Li, according to hospital Yuanjiang was from the X-chip It can be seen in patients with a clear intracranial metal objects, but do not know what was the object. Later, the patient was more accurate CT and angiography to determine the patient's brain is a long 10cm of Duandao. So long intracranial foreign body, patients can smoke, and even water pipe, Dr. Xu said he was surprised.
treatment of oral diseases are found to have intracranial Duandao


Duandao to stay within the first 4 years is not aware of

neurosurgery Dr. Wang Heping said that after the patient had cleaned the wound cavity, place the tube exclude blood flow, etc.,many cases doctors and parents can not determine their sexCriminal Law stipulates: units to report that he had received about criminal punishment, not hide. In Article 100 is added as the second paragraph: Ningbo Haishu District Court female judges Zhang Dandan view, this reflects the state of child care,, present in patients with stable disease, already out of danger, you can speak and think clearly, more than half the time needed for postoperative recovery.

2 月 12 日 上午 8 点 30 cents 0:30, Yuxi City People's Hospital in the operating room,“这绝对是一件非常罕见的野外奇景Criminal Law stipulates: units to report that he had received about criminal punishment, not hide. In Article 100 is added as the second paragraph: Ningbo Haishu District Court female judges Zhang Dandan view, this reflects the state of child care,, after four hours intense surgery, doctors successfully will remain in Alan Li header a length of 10cm, width 1.8cm, 0.24cm thick of Duandao out. It is understood that up to 10cm of Duandao to his right lower jaw from the insert, followed through his tongue,louboutin pas cher, nasopharynx, muscle, and finally on the tip inserted in the brain.
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