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New security UGG 5815-5819-5919-5938

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New security, the war cut off the Zhangjiakou Fu Tso-west road of escape, but increases the enemy from the direction of the sea east of Tianjin to escape the possibility of re-Lin Liu Yalou rate of five decided to send troops twenty-two division,UGGs For Cheap, quickly captured Tianjin. Tianjin, the former bustling capital, this time, has turned into a huge city coffin. a moat, a grid,UGGs For Cheap, a Ring and the building, bunker-km-long line of defense fortifications and several city one thousand Ming towers bunker, has become the water poured into Tianjin, the bird not enter. 130,000 enemy troops guarding the city of Tianjin garrison commander Chen Changjie prepared under the command of sticking.
1949 年 1 6, Lin Piao, Lo Jung-huan Chen Changjie signed a letter addressed before the war:
Chen Changjie commander of the Lord:
as a business not to Tianjin,UGG Australia, and the destruction of peaceful inhabitants do not suffer the disaster of war, I hope that you will follow the example of General Zheng hole country , the command automatically garrison lay down their arms, if you can do so, so Tianjin is not war-torn, then you will of the people of the state established a power.
hh I hope you have not started my total attack ago, and quickly send representatives out to talk to us.

1949 年 1 月 Ronghuan 6 日
Chen Changjie refused to lay down arms. Lin straw on the 14th offensive launched military command. by twenty nine hours fighting, Tianjin liberation.
changed hands in Tianjin, Beijing into a million troops on the enemy's heavy siege. Fu Tso-yi to the progress of the war raised the same question:
is war? or and?
both officers and men of war is a battle of wits, fighting courage, fighting force. fathom, analyze and judge each other combat commanders intent, mental state is crucial prerequisite.
Tianjin capture, the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign front headquarters operations map The colored arrows point to the Beijing Lin Biao, who , communication, etc., Lin Biao and understood clearly. Nie wrote this:
Beijing's underground party, under the leadership of Comrade Liu Ren, in order to meet the prevailing military and political struggle, is actively engaged in the kinds of activities they use a variety of relationships, access to a large number of intelligence, endless supply of Beiping-Tianjin Campaign headquarters, so we basically do the crystal clear on the enemy, who even by the daughter of Fu Tso-yi, I understand the underground party Fudong comrades Dynamic aspects of General Fu Tso-yi, to persuade her father not to go with Chiang Kai-shek.
General Fu Tso-demeanor, speech, mood changes, Fudong comrades are timely and accurate understanding of the clear, then, every day through underground radio stations,UGGs For Cheap, the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign Command reported.
decades, I've played many battles, so in a timely manner to the dynamic understanding of each other commanders, or little, which for us to make the right judgments,UGGs Canada, make up the correct determination of the correct deployment, with an important role.
Therefore, Beijing is not a war is a war opponent's chess, it is bound to be one-sided outcome,UGG 5815-5819-5919-6065, but to sit holed up for how to solve the death of hundreds of thousands of Nationalist troops, Tianjin Campaign front headquarters there different views.
Nie advocated peace negotiations, through the adaptation of means to solve the problem in Peking, he believes that Long, hungry hungry fatigue, there is no turning point, according to information provided by Beijing underground party, Fu Tso-yi in the severe situation of oppression, the peaceful settlement of Beijing may consider the issue. walked to the Lin Biao said: a pity. Moreover, the CPC Central Committee has decided that capital in Peking, if destroyed in the war, there is no benefit to the nation-building. said slowly: enemy troops is scary, if after doing a lot of work, Fu Tso-yi still refuses peace, we seize the initiative, you can always play thing. is simply fantasy, or rely on call to resolve. the only individual to send a telegram Mao Zedong,UGGs For Cheap, is the only Central Archives after thirty years than to find a telegram this end, the telegram, however, when the Tang Yongjian hand keying the old telegraph clearly remember the telegram is issued,UGGs Sale, every day, Nie asked him: the proposal. see Mao Lin has indicated no objections, but he used to smoke on the battlefield,UGG 5815-5819-5919-6368, fire and fight, genteel diplomatic language of the negotiating table, smiling under the bargain is not good, not interested, he gave the pushed all the problems of peace negotiations to Nie,UGGs Sale, Luo Ronghuan processing.
negotiations quickly progress through three rounds of negotiations,UGG 5815-5819-5919-6367, the two sides signed a lies in the use of the name of Lin Biao Fu Tso-yi's letter sent on.
1949 the evening of January 16, after signing the agreement, representatives of Fu Lin came to the residence of Deng Baoshan, from the coat pocket of an unsealed the letter, said: , Deng Baoshan dig a look at the letter, could not help but surprise, which is a by Lin Biao,UGG Australia, Luo Ronghuan issued in the name of an open letter addressed Fu Tso-yi, its harsh, talking tough,UGGs Sale, as an ultimatum:
General Fu Tso-yi:
your general acceptance Nanjing, the so-called pseudo-reactionary party of the pseudo-order counter-insurgency bandits, led by the reactionary armed forces toward the hundreds of thousands of Suiyuan, Chahar, Hebei, Rehe and liberated the people of northern Shanxi Province and the People's Liberation Army launched brutal attack hh, the Ministry of the military line of your to,UGGs Canada, killing people, raped women, burned villages, Rangduo property, to do anything in the area under the military oppression of your workers, peasants, soldiers, students, business,UGG 5815-5819-5919-5938, payroll, out of the tax, contribute to, Qiaoguxisui for your generals and your so-called counter-insurgency bandits are for use in your generals and your are under the rule, the abolition of all the people the right to freedom,UGGs Canada, oppression, all democratic parties and people's organizations, to the loss of status, oppression of the Patriotic Movement of young students. General and re-ordered the destruction of your Baoding public buildings and public goods, to blow up Beining Luan River iron bridge, destroyed in Beijing outside the village level, the arrest of innocent people in the city of Peking, cut cutting landscape trees, the demolition of historic materials. your generals and your is outside the city in Tianjin, the measures,UGGs Canada, so too in this army ordered to subjugate the whole of hanging people cutting crime. not your general field. led hundreds of thousands of troops back into the city of Beiping-Tianjin, according to resistance, so that the two city people suffered pain.
open letter to disarm and make peace out of the city are two ways for adaptation options Fu Tso-yi, ordered in at 0:00 on January 20 to respond before, otherwise it will time to attack, leader, will be strictly punished without leniency, not that words are not pre-. too severe, sharp,UGG Australia, harmonious atmosphere of the talks with the current sharp contrast, therefore, the front-line command post in controversial Beiping-Tianjin, Nie according to the progress of negotiations to determine Fu Zuoyi there throwing the bums out, sincere wishes for the newborn, I feel no need to submit Fu Tso-yi, to avoid any further complications. Lin Biao that the negotiations aim is the invitation of the CPC should be sent to Beijing Fu Zuoyi city negotiators. Su Jing Nie told that the letter to decide whether to be Deng Baoshan Fu Tso-yi, as not all smooth delivery, such as peace talks Difficult is to produce an open letter.
Deng Baoshan After entering Peking with the Su Jing, everything goes smoothly,UGGs For Cheap, it will not open letter submitted to the hands of Fu Tso-25 .1, the KMT headquarters in North destroy the total rate of Beijing garrison outside the city out of five hundred and twenty thousand men, to accept peace adapted People's Liberation Army .
At this point, the CMC exercise power of Lin Biao: to Fudong Ju. Fudong Ju feel stiff terms, can not stand the emotional fear of his father, then press down .2 1 May,UGGs Sale, >
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