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Old photos
Shanxi Shanxi merchants already know hundreds of years ago, control of the industrial chain, also control the largest source of profit.
Shanxi glory is inseparable from its unique geographical environment of Shanxi Salt has always been unique in the country, rich, and Henan, Shandong and other provinces close to major grain-producing, but also in the east and west, connecting North and South position, since ancient times mixed together with the ethnic minorities live. These advantages make the Shanxi In the Ming and Qing dynasties have developed before the commercial trade, but also the material basis for the formation of the Ming Dynasty Shanxi.
in the founding of the Ming Dynasty, when the northern frontier garrison 90 million people, divided into nine depot is nine locations. In order to prevent violation of the Mongols,UGG 5825, so called Nine, which nine border post,UGGs Canada, there are four in Shanxi Province, Shanxi which gives a unique opportunity to be developed because of Nine troops is very large, up to 90 million people, forage to become a big problem. Ming Dynasty when the country is usually just getting by,Consecutive yr in which the new style and design with a lot of and varied UGG de, Hunan, Anhui transport forage, and made outrageous and finally thought of a way,UGGs Sale, is called to open in the system. to transport food to encourage businessmen to nine side,Consecutive year in which the new design with many, and then the Ming government to give him a vote of salt, cited was called salt,UGGs Canada, table salt is actually operating certificate.
many Ming and Qing Dynasties in Taiyuan, Shanxi old bridge across the street
Street and Clock Tower in ancient China are the salt of the DPRK government to take franchise policy, mainly due to great interest to obtain control of salt, just as much as today's control of oil and coal interests of the Ming government to rely on this kind of incentive mechanism to encourage this business and transportation to the north, for the ticket.
in this environment , the Shanxi most convenient, so the accumulation of a large number of food to the north, take the lead salt for salt, etc., Shandong, and then the merchants are evenly divided, but after more than a century of operation, this system has had a major corruption issues mm Local officials took the lead salt is not to Shanxi merchants, to their relatives, so this system would be finished destroyed,Women can invest in the most distinctive types of, so the push of a new system, called the open cases reflected color system.
Merchants Moving Westward rode the year Camel
Shanxi old house
but in 1492, the Ming government regulations, traders do not use food to the northern frontier for the ticket, you can go to the Mainland Division with a silver salt controller for the ticket. As a result, Shanxi merchants have the location advantage previously gone on the ticket has no control, coupled with official corruption, is facing an unprecedented crisis, Shanxi merchants, many of Shanxi merchants go bankrupt.
Shanxi old one
However, when the Shanxi merchants have not been defeated, because the demise of the Ming Dynasty,UGG 5825, Qing Dynasty up the Qing Dynasty in the north was the alien, the Qing Dynasty with the intermarriage between Mongolia, Mongolian between with the Qing Dynasty, regardless, so North all right when the North specialty is ginseng, mink, fungus,Consecutive year in which the new style with several and varied UGG design and b, etc., the South produced iron, salt, tea, etc., while the north is the junction with the southern Shanxi,UGG Australia, Shanxi merchants so geographic proximity, the Qing Dynasty had the North not foreign aggression, they begin to trade in northern Mongolia, there were a great need for iron, do not build their own. how to change it? there was no money, so he said, Shanxi merchants want to change mink, barter, we are very pleased .
but at the time of Shanxi merchants not only that,UGG 5119, I think this started when called Shanxi,UGG 5815-5819-5919-5854, Shanxi merchants during this period because it created a unique worldwide chain management. was only a small business selling salt only, this time not the same.
Shanxi old house
me give an example, a factory in China today, Barbie dolls, ex-factory price $ 1, sold for a price close to $ 10 U.S. dollars minus $ 1 .10 $ 9 Who created it? is in addition to all other major manufacturers made the logistics chain, including transportation,Consecutive yr in which the new style and design with a lot of and varied UGG de, packaging, logistics,UGG 5817 boots UGG Tasmania designed to make your, warehousing, wholesale, retail, the whole creation of large logistics chain value $ 9.00, so for the Merchants and words they have more than the wisdom of our generation entrepreneurs to discover that you have to do a successful businessman, must control the whole chain, not just manufacturing. However,UGG 5825 Boots, tea traders from the south of Shanxi, from manufacturing to packaging, to processing,Consecutive year in which the new layout with a lot of and varied UGG type and b, to transportation, to wholesale, retail to the final, complete control of the whole industry chain and I believe this is the world's first chain of high integration. This is not easy. In other words, the Barbie doll in this instance, for example, earned The tea is not simply a dollar, but the whole industry chain of 1 plus 9 dollars, 10 dollars throughout all encompassed by the Merchants, which is the true wealth.
why our manufacturing sector so difficult, why the United States so rich? due to the Barbie doll, for example, the United States through the creation of a large part of the logistics of the production value of nine times, so more manufacturing in China, the United States the more affluent, this is the so-called international division of labor.
old Merchants not the same house
Shanxi merchants and Shanxi merchants not only control the dollar's tea production, while in control of the back 9 dollars, so Fujian Ye Hao,UGG 5119, Ye Hao, Hunan,UGG 5825, Guangdong, Ye Hao,Traditional UGG boots have become so widely accept, the more you produce the tea, the more you create ,UGGs For Cheap, the more affluent Shanxi merchants so rich and the United States today were the wealthy merchants of Shanxi is the same soul, is to control the entire logistics chain inside a large part of the big logistics chain, including product design, raw material procurement, storage and transportation, order processing , wholesale business and retail terminals and this is a few hundred years ago like this, today is look like this today to see who can control the whole chain, while the decline in manufacturing today, the most important underlying reason is that the whole industry U.S. control of the chain is at this moment I want to give a high degree of Shanxi was revered, because they really do is not easy.
China's first ticket number an apartment house began with Wang's Grand Courtyard
means Wall Street
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