Men should be aware of the spring maintenance tips

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Men should be aware of the spring maintenance tips

Postby justus608 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:14 pm

Avoid harming the prostate
Spring , things sprout , into the nature of human beings is the same active period . Prostate disease has been apparent trend of younger age , the young man having sex to some restraint , to avoid harming the prostate .
Excessive sexual function of prostate tissue will shrink , so if the repeated contraction , it is likely to cause damage to the prostate tissue and cause inflammation , in addition , because a lot of discharge of prostatic fluid , prostatic fluid in the zinc content of less zinc is generally considered the role of prostatic fluid in the main antibacterial component , zinc reduction of the prostate decreased local defense capability , which easily lead to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis .
Therefore , men should guard their own prostate should be done : first comprar christian louboutin, controlling the number of lives ,性生活过频, make prostate congestion , caused by inflammation ; second Nike free run sko, to avoid the occurrence of dirty sex to prevent urinary infections ; third , soon to sit , drink plenty of water , sedentary, easy to make prostate congestion , drink plenty of water diluting the urine concentration , reducing the stimulation of the prostate ; fourth , eat apples and other foods containing zinc the north face coats, zinc deficiency easily lead to chronic the occurrence of prostatitis ; fifth , prostate disease, be sure to consult a doctor immediately .
Men to cover their spring
Spring to keep warm , especially the young men to pay attention to the lower body warm .
Because of the lower body than upper part of the blood circulation is poor venta belstaff, vulnerable to cold attacks gucci tasjes, and therefore can not wear underwear , shoes and socks are too thin , especially the young men not to cut too much lower body clothing swarovski outlet, chill of early spring , biting into the lower body long period of time there is risk of illness .
Spring cover lower body weight , but also to strengthen the lower body exercises to promote blood circulation . Dry feet can take exercise and other methods , the method is hands clinging to the side of the thigh mulberry outlets, slightly forced down from the thigh until the ankle massage , back massage from the ankle to Tai Tuigen . The same way and then massage the other leg , repeat 10-20 times. Rejection can be applied to the legs , rubbing the calf , twisted knee , foot rub , warm feet, kicking and other ways to lower body activities . ( Text / Ringing )

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