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Postby mgjdama198 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:46 pm

Thanksgiving is upon us, so we’re keeping this week’s update small. With so many Dota 2 tournaments cropping up lately we’ve been spending some time expanding our tournament features. Our latest update brings the first of these, adding save/load functionality to private games. Every minute a new save file is automatically created. This happens in the background so you won’t notice it. The lobby leader will be able to load any of the saved games from the Game Setup option when creating a new lobby.
Tomorrow marks the start of Dreamhack, one of the biggest LAN events in the world. Their Dota 2 tournament includes both local and international teams, and should make for some exciting games to watch. You can find more information and coverage over at Dreamhack’s website or Gosugamers.net.
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