Southwest Airlines will allow small pets on planes

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Southwest Airlines will allow small pets on planes

Postby justus608 » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:35 pm

Southwest Airlines has announced some policy changes venta belstaff, one of them is very good news for pet owners.Starting with tickets booked June 1 billige nike free, for travel June 17 or later botas christian louboutin, passengers will be able to bring a small cat or dog aboard for a fee of $75 each way. Travelers must make a pet reservation by phone beforehand gucci heren, and the $75 pet fee must be paid in person at the airline's ticket counter. Each passenger may bring only one pet carrier on board. And the carrier will count as the passenger's carry-on and must be able to fit under the seat.
Read the rest of the story at KTLA News.
Photo: L.A. Times    

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