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Postby chouq662 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:34 am

When we feel that time flies when a little slow, difficult days in fact only just begun; when we feel the time fly by day, good times are likely to have been quietly dies. This is after six months to work my personal experience, to break up with his girlfriend Wu Yinglian that month, strictly speaking, is the twenty-day effort, struggled to live every day, you'd rather die,UGGs Ireland, as suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, as but the bones itching scratching vain; news interview subjects assigned to politicians, because of Liu Pang president and president for their own good impression, my work passion heyday, every day, so endless enthusiasm, monthly performance evaluation is always the top three the whole society, royalties Tingduo hair was a total feeling of the day seems too short, landing on to the end.
hurried pace, time flying by to seriously study Comrade *** September 26 in the inspection People's Daily issued an important speech, I know the In the work first, adhere to correct guidance of public opinion. when I worked day and night, go all out to practice the guiding ideology, the time the wheel has rolled into 1996, the last month.
century humiliation, once raised his eyebrows. Patten depressed gone, Tung Chee-hwa came smiling .12 11, after more than two hours of voting, 59-year-old Tung was elected by 320 votes in the first HKSAR Chief Executive, he was the first non-*** members 'Fengjiangtaili', is the first capitalists into the political power by the largest provincial-level leaders.
In fact, many of the world's great things happen every day, but for different people, Everyone has their own focus fills,Uggs Clearance, and often younger, more concerned with things far more ambitious; the older, more aware of care for the so-called little people and little things.
I recall a college, night, that China's bid for the 2000 Olympics after losing the entire school dormitory rapidly boiling, angry shouting in a mixture of wrestling thermos bottle, smashing the basin of the noise. Even the younger Bush lost to Clinton campaign, I have deliberately wrote an article why he will fail, sent the university newspaper. At that time, the parents of the body, home of the crops, the students of the current situation so far as the war in Iraq, Israelis and Palestinians conflict, we care about now This legacy is still half past will not change. This does not, the famous ship in December in Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa prince's election, together with the descendants of the Chinese in November election in Washington state governor Gary Locke's win, let's just working near these university graduates excited, talked about for a long time discussed.
comparison,These UGG shoes are the 1st in Australia and sheep, the newspaper that more than a dozen years longer than our old comrades, the old chief Pang Qingyun president seems more concerned about the trend, They quietly discussing the day when the president of Beijing's huge problems, served as editor of the newspaper China Petroleum and Petrochemical, or vice president? is January 1997 to Beijing, or took over after the Spring Festival? Pong Club After a long gone when the president, vice president Liu Xinren,Discount UGGs Boots, or ? Liu Xinren If and when the vice president,UGG Classic Tall, who is promoted to vice president? around the personnel changes, we privately talking about, the atmosphere suddenly become particularly tricky up.
face a picture of a mysterious fortune Come face, I feel very funny, a normal personnel changes, the consequences are so complex and serious? In fact, I think this is extremely naive. whether Tung Chee-hwa, or Locke, whether they live in our election Plains field a group of people who are distant and elusive. On the contrary, Pang president's position changes, does affect everyone's interest to the whole society so-called scattered, organizational system is very influential in terms.
president is in Pang's leadership, I just go to work soon was only effort, in just six months time, let their own personal savings from the school when the rapid growth of 168 yuan to 5120 yuan. For a fresh start by entering the city save money wages of rural children,UGG Classic Cardy, this figure it is so gratifying had. saw in the newspaper, on April 10, 1995 death of Chen Yun Chinese veteran before death is only 1336 yuan monthly salary,Uggs Clearance, 200 yuan of subsidies also,UGGs Boots, so I really fortunes of the .
1997 年 2 1 May, there were numerous snow filled the air with, Pang president just for our group of college students work for 20 days home leave granted special order to save nearly $ 50 mailing fee, I deliberately put his piece with a zipper pocket anti-theft underwear with a plastic bag to 5000 dollars a good neat code, truss, installed, bulging starting to get on the long-distance buses, and with thoughts of the parents, with as Reporters pride, with his father spent 260 dollars to buy woolen coat made of bottles and newspapers and a box of Qingdao Tai Okuma frozen prawns, excitedly rushed to his hometown mm Shanxi Province, Xi'an City, County,Discount UGGs, West Jinnan Homeward Temple temperature village.
Although the weather is cold, but my heart is warm. As for why only buy gifts for his father, because my father than the mother to be generous to some,Discount UGGs, no matter how tight the day, He believes in life must not be too stingy, when appropriate, or should buy cannabis, bread and meat cooking fire like the reason is because the long-term lack of money, or are terribly poor childhood fear's sake, never reluctant to spend money to buy things,Uggs Clearance, sometimes to the village go to the market to buy farm implements and daily necessities,UGG Classic Tall, stomach rumbling with hunger over time whining, face three cents a bowl of jelly or Hele, she is often hesitant to make a determined effort mm home after eating! with her words,UGGs Boots, the market stalls of snack stuff ;,Discount UGGs, rather spend money on these mother 4,000 yuan, the father $ 300 (private money, let the mother know), grandmother 100,Discount UGGs, Grandma 50, brother cattle each have two children lucky money paper 50, the third brother cattle have book 100, high school students SUN Zhi young girl $ 10, primary school friend Lee culture, cattle farming, Li Chin-child per person $ 5, students and other common childhood playmate of the children of $ 1-2 per person, the rest of their pocket money.
Taihang Mountains, particularly dangerous, the car in the mountains to go, people worry about in the mist from the earth just plain roots, came to know of the Loess Plateau, my heart is very complex, albeit not homecoming, but after all he has by virtue of ; a pen, the CPC Central Committee work conference held in Beijing,UGGs Ireland, helping the poor, a proposal to solve the end of the century of China's rural poor people out of poverty, then in October it announced the all levels of government do a good job of food management, acquisition, storage, work, organize and coordinate relevant departments to raise grain purchase required channel funds to farmers must not be allowed to play central and local levels of food reserves.
white hazy looking out the window, endless mountains, I really do not know their own cafeteria workers at the newspaper is eaten with like, now earn their own to get back to the parents, filial piety is not only a due, is a special kind of compensation, the heart gradually became uneasy calm them.
the road slippery, tight, we do not stop to eat lunch special, and now have to refuel, we just buy some food on the store, and the western end of the toilet. bit from the City Bus Co.,UGG Classic Mini, Ltd. Shanxi Jinnan driver finally spoke up fat.
may be about New Year's sake, a small gas station shops are busy, the store owner to open the recorder was big volume, Guo Lanying loud voice but in the narrow valley echoed with the unfathomable: people say Shanxi good scenery,UGG Classic Short, fertilizer grain Hong beauty, left pointing to the Taihang Mountains, right-pointing is Luliang. stood high, hope on a look, Look at the Fen River water it! crashed flow through my little friends of villages. xinghuacun in open apricot, children,Discount UGGs Boots, good legitimate Love, man not afraid to offer all kinds of hardship, daughter to embroider ten thousand kinds of flowers. old people never have that ambition, Look at white-haired mother, to straighten it backs like seventeen or eighteen!
Yes, people have that ambition never old, to straighten the spine will be young. Shanxi Province in 1994, according to press reports too old highway repair , because the project money, Party Secretary Hu Fuguo said: life of shame.
too old highway across the vast hinterland of Jinzhong, Shanxi's first expressway,UGG Classic Short, also built a reform Shanxi People's Road, the open road, road and want to get rich way, when I was in college a year ground-breaking project start, the eve of graduation highway opened to traffic.
although I am still very narrow road home is broken very steep, but I firmly believe, as long as courage, fighting more than one day, all the rough road will become All roads lead to the broad road of!
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