especially while according to media reports

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especially while according to media reports

Postby ssmoncler » Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:58 am

Chen Kaige's new work, Chen Kaige's box office appeal has been great as ever. especially for the main consumer of today's cinema was born in 1980 mm for young people, especially while according to media reports, many of which are older people into the cinema, they mostly directed at However, the more hype the more difficult to expect people, especially under the guidance in Chen Kaige's pear shoot film's best choice, but its artistic life in the the end of the more into the foot, has no longer possible, they touched the ceiling, however, their sorrow is that they are still legitimate prime of life, still vigorous, rampant materialism to hold first echelon of contemporary Chinese people's social identity, so Zhang, Chen invariably two in a cynical attitude and postures to seek commercial success. Thus, this Chinese film, pseudo-classical and pseudo-post-modern aesthetic large , now suddenly vowed outside crying: Mei Lanfang Baojiu as a consultant, I am afraid one more layer of taboo, if combined with the demands of business interests, then, The problem here is whether the reduction may not be a real Mei Lanfang, but will distort the image of Mei Lanfang to what extent, or that the fun-house mirror distortion Chen how high.
have Many people watched can be no courage to face history, but not without the fear of history, not the bottom line and can not in good faith, not knowing that is fake but put out to show off when we face the Chinese director and investor of this dauntless spirit of the time, by refusing to watch Mei Lanfang no tomb is 50 meters in the mountains on the other side, is Ma Lianliang tomb. two with the next generation of Peking Opera master sleep, maybe it is coincidence but the death of the late Mei Lanfang Ma Lianliang than five years, experienced more inconstancy of human relationships. To feel the history, with its noisy theater to see a cottage of
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also affect the appraised performance class

or that the fun-house mirror distortion Chen how high.

of course
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