A 24 years old mother won the beauty contest champ

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A 24 years old mother won the beauty contest champ

Postby bluestone185 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:49 am

Popular nowadays all kinds of beauty. Beautiful never have tourists. In recent years, "miss universe", "miss international", "miss world", "global" queen, "Mr. The world" and other kinds of international beauty activities, attracted the eyes of all over the world, all over the world in the rise of the "beauty" boom. ugg Netherlands,Economist summarized beauty for five win: the audience sees the beauty in a happy mood, a win, beauty drive the site for the development of tourism industry; Two win, promote the awareness of the beauty pageant sponsors, and then a good name is one; Three win, beauty training contestants temperament culture, to promote cultural industry development; Four win, host institutions and many traders earnings, drive the site for the whole economic development; Five win, beauty as a worldwide cultural activities, it not only to the site to bring economic benefits, and event generated influence of the host city of the brand value a boost.
Russia "Mrs. MoSiKeZhou pageant President and LinNa · Lou Virginia Eva,ugg norge, told reporters that the local for the first time to organize" 2011 MoSiKeZhou wife "the beauty contest in Russia on mother's day (November 27) held as scheduled, where the winner from the division for the nicky 24 year old mother irina gere gaza promise wa. Lou, Virginia, she said "the title from the division is the city 24 years old mother nicky irina gere gaza promise wa, won second place is dmitry rove city Dana gaza wiley and the doll, competition from third title by the city of los cloth of Virginia. The winner. NingNa ·".ugg sweden, "It is good to have this game. Married women can not only through the stage show yourself, also can show their children". Lou, said Virginia dolls.
The organized the plan is held once every year this contest. The jury of the external, creation ability, music literacy and SuZaoXing can give evaluation. For the big premise is must have at least one child. The child and mother together in acting on the stage the dance and songs.
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