unattached period motor, 8 -year-old girl apt dona

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unattached period motor, 8 -year-old girl apt dona

Postby lpype106 » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:40 am

Lying on the glass table, small Wenxuan homework.

Two annuals ago, Li Xinying 35 years antique, the North Sea in Shandong Binzhou office, 6-year-old daughter, Du Wenxuan, a life of worry-free. But a sudden disease, the mother and daughter's life has changed.
two years later, Li Xinying sicker, if only surgery, time is escaping out. Du Wenxuan just turned 8 years old daughter at this time,screw compressor,, but resolutely judged to donate bone marrow for the mother. June 17, June 18, Du Wenxuan has made two bone marrow surgery. But in the face of her daughter,3 way valve,, in adding to the risks of surgery, for well as high therapeutic expenses.

yesterday morning,single phase motor,, in the North Lishi Road, Xicheng District, Building 2, 342 West 4 indoor, 37-year-old Li Xinying up a stretch, need movement. Because the treatment, she tear the hair, wear a disguise, but the greatest change in her heaviness. 2 years after the illness, she lost 37 kg.
Lixin Ying elemental office, Shandong Binzhou the north shore of go, the husband is the peep, the 2 settled earnings, and there are 6-year-old daughter Wenxuan, the native life that was wishful. However, in July 2008,automotive parts,, Li Xinying suddenly had a cold, desire greatly reduced, July 30, the diagnostic results of the local hospital, Lixin Ying undergoing from continuing myeloid leukemia.
husband Duyan Song about could not deem he took the list to ascertain the doctor, when to obtain definite reply, he slumped to see, . To reserve the family cared, the two discuss the determination, temporarily without the wisdom of the family, hoping secretly to cure.

Lixin Ying did not become a reality once and for all the expectations, the condition is still deteriorating. In early 2009, equitable when everybody was ready to commemorate the cause of Chinese New Year, Lixin Ying proboscis started bleeding, fever. New Year's Eve night, published a regional hospital in critical condition notice. This time, no longer hiding her ailment does not go on.
Lixin Ying finally determined to select the way bone marrow transplant manipulation. Subsequently, Lixin Ying's home began to have the matching test. However, some testing down, merely the mother and daughter Duwen Xuan Wang Fengrong bone marrow mate.
mother almost 70, and bone marrow is naturally inappropriate, but her daughter was old huge, how can the willing? Moreover, such a small old, if the evolution will affect her future? Lixin Ying said, was placed in front of her choice, a more than one complicated.
Lixin Ying memorize standing at her husband Duyan Song Peking University People's Hospital, the daughter called and queried whether she would be willing to donate bone marrow, the Du Wenxuan a agree over the call down.
Small Wenxuan said after, her father introduced her to the pumping of the bone marrow may be risky, but she did no quake,hvlp guns,,
to save the mother

yesterday morning, when a reporter knocked on the gate, a small Wenxuan the 1st to bound out: Wang Wunei go back her, the mama Lixin Ying, Wang Fengrong grandmother.
January of this year, Lixin Ying came to Peking University People's Hospital, elderly mother rented a chamber contiguous, seeing over his daughter and granddaughter. Small Wenxuan, in addition to attach to her mother, she would favor to proceed to study. Tables and chairs in the mother's bedroom, and placed second grade math textbooks. Yesterday morning, a small Wenxuan to lie on the table doing their homework, has written to 11:00, the mother worried she was also weary Lixin Ying, turn on the television to discern her animated.
June 9, for a bone marrow transplant, a small Wenxuan repeatedly apt Beijing, She said that second-grade terminal exam is on July 7, she wanted apt go behind and grab up with the exam.

yesterday afternoon, reporters and small Wenxuan educator language teacher Jiang adjoin. Jiang says that the small Wenxuan is a quite filial son, a gallant lad, pride of her small Wenxuan. Small Wenxuan in class in school, nevertheless immediately a physician in Beijing to attach his mother, but she did not fall assignment, but better results.
Teacher Jiang said that his mother got sick later a small Wenxuan chance very sensible. Once, she went to a small Wenxuan home visits, was small Wenxuan are lofty fever, but she put it over her mother in the hands of mop, mopping the layer to prevent her mother, assisted himself to do the housework.
but sensible little Wenxuan do not understand, this family absences to residence, more economy difficulties. Nearly two years of treatment, the family had spent entire their savings, but too owed at fewest 10 million of debt. Peking University People's hospital, said, along to the disease, Lixin Ying absences surgery as presently as likely. The price of light bone marrow transplant, are at fewest Sansishiwan.
6 17, mini Wenxuan in the hospital the first to extract stem cells. The afterward daytime, she was a second extraction. Day in bed, a small Wenxuan to sent a txt information language teacher,
Lixin Ying said, these days, I often calculate the child's disburse, she was forever variety of unspeakable guilt. After successful surgery, she hopes, will be extra to make up a small Wenxuan.
text / reporter Pengke Feng Zhu Lin hidden chart intern reporter / reporter Hu Xuebo
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