The pursuit of academic performance was the first

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The pursuit of academic performance was the first

Postby x6moncler » Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:14 pm

Correctly deal with his son's academic performance.
Learning itself is a happy thing, but in the eyes of many parents, as the pursuit of academic performance was the first goal mouth closed all learning, study and learn again The examination is good --- reward, the examination is not good --- punished, even beaten and many children learn to hear the tension, and even the boredom, fear, rebellious reaction children did not have a happy childhood, can not see the animation films, can not access, can not play, not games. (son of my house there are several class students, most like to play my home because my family can watch TV, access to the Internet, go home to parents said: Bai Tong home to what I read the manual or do a. Sometimes I think: our children really live an ascetic (seng) life is less than what people monk, Shaolin monks can watch TV, Internet). weariness of the past appear generally to adolescence in primary or secondary school after second grade and now some elementary school children began to weariness of these cases, the proportion of boys than girls and more happened there a parent said to me: her son many times said to her: do not go to school growing up, I asked several students to his son is a powerful presence to the children from the scores and rankings of the pressure to get out there are still difficult, but we parents have to correct the concept of taking the right approach to this problem, the pressure on the smaller child, the child's *** will grow bigger.
the Academic American expert Mel Levine, Professor, He absolutely can not guarantee smooth business in the age of 23, while sometimes your child in some third grade features much confusion, that he might translate into adulthood his pride can not concentrate on the language lesson, love daydreaming, is attention deficit defect, but may be an early manifestation of creative thinking, so his future is expected to become a writer and music producer. a child understand the language difficulties, which forced him to think with words few, and contributed to his thinking, visual thinking and ***, 20 years after he was destined to become a nuclear plant design engineer, so even though the child's academic mess, perhaps indicates that his future career unique because adult life, provide opportunities for the different ways of thinking children more than life. We did not understand the child's genetic talent, we are basically in accordance with the wish of adults to raise children, invest in education and finally spent a lot of money, the effect is minimal, even training failure. The most frightening thing is a waste of children's This should have talent, this is not just the loss of school education, family education is also the biggest loss.
so: we must first calm the parents to accept the child's academic performance, and we all love children, then we to love him unconditionally, regardless of test results good or bad, we must first accept the peace of mind to calm ...
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Postby Astefstreapor » Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:48 am

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