Affect the accord consumers do no ambition apt pa

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Affect the accord consumers do no ambition apt pa

Postby ftQDH6En » Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:58 pm

Affect the agreement: buyers do no want apt pass above royalties _ News _ Sina
中广网 Beijing on October 15 news (correspondents full Zhao Xu) Voice of China , servant cafes, airplanes, exercises, ships, long-distance buses and other movies have to affect the agreement to pay a license fee. Charging behavior from January 1, 2011 starting at Internet cafes, long-distance bus took the lead. Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces will be the premier implementation of the place. Collection of fees reflects the protection of intellectual property awareness and respect as the creators, although, the parties to the charges can entirely know? Yesterday p.m., Chinese Movie Copyright Association Zhu Yongde accepted an preferential interview with the Voice of China and to reply some questions. In the bus, by the time work namely movies, regardless of the digit and type of movie accustom, entire unified fees, license royalty fee per traffic per year 365-500 yuan. Beijing, Mr. Liu has a motorcar in the affair of television product enterprise, he told reporters, Fees said, aeroplane, exercises,the north face, warships, coaches and additional north face expanse of transport are generally via their present enterprise alternatively middleman companies and the establishment of broadcast film database, yet the reality namely namely some of their long-distance truck fair installed a DVD player, film record is also purchase their own. Liu: Now, some bus car DVD is converted up their own, the disc also buy their own, instantly announce in the car, and did not cooperate with us. In this case, Chinese Movie Copyright Association Zhu Yongde said, DVD is not right to play in public, public announce fare will pay the right of projection. Zhu Yongde: DVD peruse only for personal and domestic use,north face borealis, he bought a record, play in public, using the right of projection, we must also pay the copyright royalties. Long-distance truck employers have inquired me, the disc is bought, not stolen, why pay? I said, you bought, do not embody the right not to comprise you in public screening rights. Show northwardly face handbook triclimate jacket public, you have to pay the right of projection fee. In counting, the agenda production company Mr. Liu also said namely some car movie and television work is the mobile communication sector, the company has to pay a lot of membrane and television stations program license fees, then pay a fee, is not it a tiny inappropriate? Liu: Actually, we cooperate with television, film and television work to bring ... to an end television, have had to pay a copyright fee. The presentation of plan, let us pay anew, for us, this is a twice charge. The same problem, an operation of Internet cafes were also told reporters namely he had paid to some of the video site pay any money, why pay? Internet coffeehouse owners: We are the Internet video site has been handed over in fees, and Internet cafes like ours is small, benefits are not very good, and then charge repeatedly for us to load up. For this problem, Zhu Yongde very serious to acquaint reporters, and immediately not an chip platform bag for all under copyright royalties. Zhu Yongde: What if there is platform for films that he can archive all under copyright royalties, the copyright royalties for on-chip platform can be borne. However, we understand that there is no one-chip platform for use with all copyright rights. Some platform is better, right chapter, so north face aconcagua jacket we can receive the money for that platform, merely whether he told Internet cafe owners that have paid off all of the rights, and agreeable! Please give us the platform for the film standard fee. And the public is most anxious about is the Internet, long-distance car is not will prices, royalties are not to be passed on to consumers, which, Zhu Yongde, told reporters do not want to pass on to consumers, for the bus is yet royalties low, when the cafe area to the workers they must linger out of the margins. Zhu Yongde: We do not support this (price) passed on to consumers,Officer Kimura, long-distance truck a car merely a year to pay 365-500 yuan a day equitable to pay a USD or so. Calculated with 50 seats, plus a run behind and forth, in fact, fees are very low. Internet is actually not a very gainful manufacture, so we have adult when the charges entirely north face arctic parka into account, they can afford. As we speak with the owners of Internet cafes, Internet cafes open, and did not put this cost into account, and now they can not amount increases, consumers can not furnish, so I wish you received a low point,UTU, so we have a definite profit space, otherwise, we lose, no profit, and we closed, we all benefit a mini. We left the standards or profit space. Questions facing all parties, Zhu Yongde admits, it only shows a lot of folk on the Zhu Yongde: The problem is now we do not understand copyright decree, he felt that bought the DVD, broadcast in the car but also money, including the owners of Internet cafes. We mustld them clearly unreasonable. We are now contacts with assorted parts, in north face aconcagua place to do publicity work, valid specialists, government divisions, federations, judicial officers, with their dissemination, income, the standard is how to develop, etc., to publicize the job done. > Related: Internet cafes and other film pictures will be necessitated to pay royalties for film with co-sound set of the Association received 170 million rights fee joined Kara OK: said percentage is still low-paid
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Postby Pelephece » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:02 pm

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Postby Pelephece » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:16 pm

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Postby Pelephece » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:30 pm

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Re: Affect the accord consumers do no ambition apt pa

Postby vitoria » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:38 pm

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Re: Affect the accord consumers do no ambition apt pa

Postby satgfryhghikh » Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:52 am

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Postby Impaiteme » Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:55 am

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