IFX harmful short-term greenback rally blUGGs abov

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IFX harmful short-term greenback rally blUGGs abov

Postby x6moncler » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:21 am

IFX: short-term harmful euro dollar rebounded blocked
Source: Asian Currency
Author: Li Jun
dollar rebounded slightly on Friday, but due to a weaker non-farm payrolls release, eventually blocked at 77 points integer relations. As of reception time, the dollar index this morning again in the 77-point integer relations firm to run on altitude.
the United States on Friday released the October non-farm employment grew by 8.0 million, up 158,000 as the value before human.
overseas well-known creations on Friday released a survey: Most economists expect the pace of U.S. economic resumption slow and tired of the U.S. employment location will hint the Federal Reserve (FED) to take beyond amounts to shove the economy.
The message is explicit for the short-term negate for the dollar.
dollar index, but we found that short-term downside in its 200-day moving average near 75.71 points, or have some support, mainly due to:
announced on Friday the United States November 2 week U.S. Treasury bonds held by diplomatic central banks increased $ 50.51 billion.
a examine on Friday: Obama's public assist rate slightly additional to 49% ahead to 47%.
I still insist on front view: If the dollar index will remain the future of its 200-day moving average on the run, the dollar continued to tend upward, on the opposed,Clearance UGGs, the dollar still has a callback pressure.
From a technical point of view, the recent dollar index on the file in the 78 points off near an integer greater resistance.
clutch a election on Friday for the Greek, when the euro has stabilized somewhat on Friday the euro fell to one intraday cheap of 1.3712, when the intraday tall of 1.38 integer topped off. As of reception period this a.m., the euro at 1.3769 sprint nigh.
announced on Friday October the euro zone service sector purchasing managers' concordance (PMI) ultimate worth fell to 48.8 from 46.4 in September,UGGs on Sale, the maximum since July 2009 the lowest level.
released in Germany on Friday 9 Rose modified manufacturing orders fell 4.3% monthly rate, the former is down 1.4%.
notable overseas medium on Friday released a survey: Europe chief bank governor Mario Draghi by the 1st meeting on amuse rates that tear, its still a 50% accident of dissimilar rate cut before the end of the year.
the economic file and news on the short-term euro namely obviously very wrong.
However, we found that the euro is still down later a decisive rebound, mainly due to:
Osborne final Friday, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, said: At present,UGGs Clearance, Greece is unthreaten to exit the euro area.
news that on Friday Greek Ministry of Finance said that the country has forsook maneuvers to hold a referendum.
Yoshihiko Noda, Japanese Prime Minister on Friday, said: Japan is prepared to support the European.
From a technical point of view, the euro's recent stall in the 1.35-1.36 scope are below some support, but on a certain document in the 1.3832 resistance.
my opinion: the future of the euro effective break 1.3832, the euro continued to shriek, and effective below 1.3490, then re-put the euro.
elementary yen on Friday blocked in 78 integer-line. As of press time, the yen fluctuations in the proximity of 78.11.
amid worries that the Japanese administration may interrupt repeatedly, I am no big shove in the new amount of the yen commute rate, yet this week the Fed said it would preserved for a long time defect in ...terest rates, which in rotate limits the short-term yen ebb.
from a technical point of view, the next file in the recent 79 yen off a certain integer support, and close to 77.50 on the file in a certain resistance.
I still insist on pre-view: the future at a time 77.22 yen to mainly crash, then persist to penetrate the high line, but once the future telling under 79.10 yen, the yen will be amplified losses.
important currencies operational recommendations:
the U.S. dollar exchange rate:
1. recently in the dollar index fell nearly 76-76.50 point range near to sale hunters.
2. early investors have been buying greenbacks to linger on the sidelines, waiting for the next purchase into opportunities.
3. But once an effective future dollar index fell below its 200-day moving average 75.72 points, then stop buying dollars.
4. If the dollar index rebounded the next point in the 77.50-78 range in array to sell into rallies the chief.
the yen:
1. If you have recently fallen to near to 79 yen to approach integer-Buying.
2. generally the recent rebound in the yen at 77.50 near every based high sold.
3. effective below 79.10, then stop buying yen.
4. If in the future to effectively break 77.22 yen, you can buy high arresting, see the high line.
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