330 billion over flock to Country Garden Zhang Yin

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330 billion over flock to Country Garden Zhang Yin

Postby tallUGG88 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:29 am

Yang Yan
today , Country Garden (2007.HK) will be officially unveiled the HKEx and the new along with the mainland 's richest man is likely to stand out .
Recently set off a rush to buy shares of Country Garden announced yesterday the storm Shares public offering of part I. The effective application 613.6665 million shares , equivalent to 254.7 times oversubscribed . IPO of HK $ 330.153 billion were frozen Country Garden has successfully entered the Hong Kong equity funds recorded the biggest ever IPO freeze the top five . also , as expected , Bi Gui Park final offer price of HK $ 5.38 price cap , IPO funds raised 12.912 billion Hong Kong dollars .
is worth noting that the Chinese Bureau of Statistics yesterday reported strong first quarter GDP and CPI data , interest rate expectations instantly renewed , Mainland Housing collective property stocks also fell .
said KGI securities analyst Caitie Kang , sudden interest rate increases to make the real estate sector is expected to popular pressure , which may be the first day of Country Garden, a negative impact on performance , however , as the listing requirements even when more than 100 times oversubscribed , the company's public offering of only a proportion of from 10% to 20% back , rather than the general 50% of new shares , so the stock has a certain scarcity . in addition , Lee Shau Kee , etc. Country Garden also made rich by adding a considerable appeal .
light of the above , Caitie Kang expected , Country Garden on the first day or about 30% , the market came yesterday evening dark disk 's offer of HK $ 7.3 near the or about 30% have seen up to HK $ 7.55 due to the Country Garden offering a higher price , valuation is not too attractive , analysts recommended investors short-term profits in the first day and if the present about 30% of the first day of or calculated , holding 9,520,000,000 shares of Country Garden's Yang Yan rose to 66.6 billion Hong Kong dollars worth or .2006 years and richest Zhang Yin 's Nine Dragons Paper (2689.HK) yesterday to close at 16.16 Hong Kong dollars, the market value of 67.315 billion Hong Kong dollars, holding 72 % of Zhang Yin is currently worth about 485 million Hong Kong dollars .
Link : http://money.163.com/07/0420/10/3CH08VVS002524SK.html
http://finance.qq.com/a/ 20071010/001835.htm
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