Oklahoma House reprimands Rep. Sally Kern

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Oklahoma House reprimands Rep. Sally Kern

Postby guixi052 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:55 am

"We must acknowledge Oklahoma is changing and its changing quick," Shelton said. "Our population is agreeable extra unlike and that we need to study to be extra accepting of others."
Rep. Mike Shelton, one of 4 blacks in the 101-member House, made the motion to reprove her. Kern made the motion to unanimously adopt it.
"We are attempting to be a player within the United States for well as the globe," he said. "The remarks by Sally Kern make us tread back and it makes human look by the state of Oklahoma as a differ place.
"I made my regrets, and I do understand that just saying youre apologetic does no make everything right," Kern mentioned.
A member objected, and a roll-call referendum was taken. The House voted 76-16 to reprimand Kern. Its the third public reprimand the GOP-controlled House has issued opposition members entire Republicans this conference. Rep. Mike Reynolds, of Oklahoma City, was scolded because disturbing the pastor of the day, and Rep Randy Terrill, of Moore, was reprimanded because production comments considered threatening to the House spokesman.
The House took the action almost an hour behind Kern, R-Oklahoma City, made a tearful apology ashore the House ground.

Oklahoma House reprimands Rep. Sally Kern
Shelton said the reprimand was required for Oklahoma is working hard to cultivate its image.
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