AAUW survey shows that 48% of middle school studen

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AAUW survey shows that 48% of middle school studen

Postby bluestone185 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:50 am

retro jordan shoes,AAUW for 1965, according to the 7 to 12 grade the students according to the results of the survey, 48% of students said they in this school year experienced a degree of sexual harassment, sexual harassment has become almost their daily part of their school life.
The research director AAUW Catherine hill pointed out, many people think that sexual harassment is adult's problem, this study shows that young man is also the problem of the victims. nike jordan shoes 13.AAUW was in 1993 and in 2001 made investigation, 8 students said they were in a student had was the experience of sexual harassment. This investigation is only for a single school year, the proportion of students by sexual harassment is still quite high. The survey found, and sexual comments, joke, posture, constitute the main aspects of sexual harassment case, 30% of the students in the social network received text messages, sexual harassment pictures, E-mail, etc, the actual physical contact sexual harassment is also common, especially the network and the actual physical contact, sexual harassment, of the consequences of more serious. Hill pointed out, many students encounter network and actual sexual harassment said after nausea, insomnia, even playing truant. Survey found that girls than boys are more likely to encounter sexual harassment. 56% of girls and 40% of boys said they at least in this school year experienced a one-time harassment. Encounter sexual harassment, half of the students kept silent, others will tell your parents or friends, only 9% of people who will tell the teacher and school staff. nba jordan shoes?33% of girls and 24% of boys said in the 2010 2011 school year had witnessed sexual harassment, 56% had more than one saw. Admitted that he had a sexual harassment to others the behavior of the middle school students, four into 4 don't think this is what important event, and 39% said they harass people just because they feel the fun of it.
Hill pointed out that, in recent years, the phenomenon of bullying caused the campus the attention of authorities, but the attention of sexual harassment on campus is far from enough, in fact they are closely associated within.
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Postby zineectNone » Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:44 pm

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