of which 1 is the

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of which 1 is the

Postby chouq662 » Mon Nov 07, 2011 3:08 am

*** Tan Kameng
*** Tan Kameng the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt, 18th generation Pharaoh (BC 1334-- before 1323). His aboriginal name, method > *** Tan Kameng widely known for modern Westerners because of his grave in three years time has never been stolen by the British risk family Ha Wade until Carter discovered, excavated a large number of treasures. shocked the Western world , because there are several people who first entered the tomb early death, by the media hype as Who has been illegible, said inscriptions unearthed a *** Tan Kameng is a Pharaoh's son, but who is the son, but there is no record he was succeeded by Akon that the old train of swallowing, the incumbent may only 8-10 years, to test his mummy found in only 17-18 years old when he died meantime he climbed the throne when it swallowed Aken has died before a pharaoh for 17 years, it tin not be before a son of Pharaoh .
*** Tan Kameng is swallowed and then marital the daughter of Arkansas, Arkansas namely have been swallowing a religious reform, primarily to build A swallow God, slit temple, to dwindle the adore of God, to disable religious forces. *** Tanka Meng came to the sovereign three years after (ahead 1331), below the instigation of religious parties, it may be practical to power by the people about the restoration and re-establish the Amon Lord, to restore the temple, and the capital moved behind to Thebes.
in ancient Egyptian pharaoh's tomb *** Tan Kameng line epitaph carved with this: ;
decades, through a great many films and novels of hype, scientists panic the threat spell, with the high-tech equipment for the pharaoh's body to behaviour a comprehensive exam, thus prologue a 3300 years antecedent, the ancient Egyptian chap pharaoh's death mystery.
*** Tan Kameng is the 18th Egyptian pharaoh, ruled 1336-1327 BC Egypt. *** Tan Kameng not in the history of archaic Egypt's maximum amazing achievements of Pharaoh, but it is in today's most famous Egyptian pharaoh. Since 1922 , the Pharaoh's tomb *** Tan Kameng by the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered and karna von Count, tomb buried with dazzling, world-famous gold mask, and it feels a bit creepy that the Pharaoh The Curse of the earth are always fascinated excellent amuse, but most care is the young pharaoh own .19-year-old *** Tan Kameng sudden odd death, early age by death, buried at once, back of the head It is trusted that he died youth impaired hh behind what some big hidden secluded hh
*** Tan Kameng (Tutankhamun) at Howard Carter (Howard Carter) and karna von Count (Lord Carnarvon) 1922, base his grave.
while *** 坦卡蒙登基, the Great Pyramid has 1,250 years of history. He died only 18 annuals old, shortly after his decease, burial, his grave soon The Ancient Tomb was visited double, Carter speculated *** Taunka door of the mausoleum about 60% of the early jewelry was stolen.
Carter took about 5 years to tap the *** Taunka the tomb door, he spent eight years cleaning up, and spent approximately a ten-year as the tomb around 5000 found buried nigh the catalog, yet in his lifetime, he not found these prodigious results with the published array publish.
*** Tan Kameng tomb was opened in the meantime, Carter is also a caress canary dining python, which is the swear of Pharaoh do?
*** Tan Kameng sarcophagi and He was originally buried with use of a mutual forefather, because no one thought he was so premature, principally temporary time to arrange for him, he had to gain someone else's used.
*** Tan Kameng noted gold disguise weighs approximately 10.23 kg.
*** Tan Kameng of mummy coffin by three humanoid profile with three layers of protection outside, fair the size of each card into dissimilar, very nice hand. innermost layer of the people form 22K gold coffin from the building, heaviness 110.9 kg, enumerated according to the new mart amount of approximately $ 1.5 million.
outermost wafer of the outer outline colossal ample to be in the automobiles in the garage.
*** Tanka Meng's individual graves, there is a small first support kit, which except for some emergency medication, there are ribbons with similar fractures using sling.
estimated along to Carter, the tomb of Tan Kameng *** about 350 liters of precious oil products, mostly cached in some of the stone flask, which also left 2 bottles of the ancient Tomb of the fingerprint.
*** Tan Kameng not single in his grave miscarriage and two small daughters to attach him .
*** Tan Kameng is a men's vogue, and fond of popup in his grave found in a large number of clothes, clothes by his side there is a body made of lumber type and model. Tan also found *** Carmen baptism with the scarf, agreeable hand-thin substance, modern linen adept estimates, by hand to make the scarf, I am terrified to work 11 hours a daytime, continuously as 9 months only way.
*** Tan Kameng there are about 100 couples of shoes, leather made obliging, useful wood, wicker is also profitable, and even to do with gold.
*** Tan Kameng in the tomb, about 30 multi-brand brandy, of which one is the
*** Tan Kameng tomb in 30 boomerang in ancient boomerang is used to hunting.
1939, his offsprings accustomed in the *** Tan Kameng found in the tomb trumpet playing, and logging them and then broadcast via the radio, this namely only the premier period in 3,000 years horn sounded another.
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