The new president of Oriental Education

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The new president of Oriental Education

Postby tallUGG57 » Mon Nov 07, 2011 3:06 am

[ Said ] the new president of Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman Mr Yu 2010/12/17
2010 annual most influential business leaders of 25 winners : New Oriental Education & Technology (Group ) Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Michael Yu
Awards reason: to be drunken sing day , a good companion of youth return home .
he is self- striver inspirational role model , mentor of young people growing up , he dared to say no fate , but also dare to say on Wall Street no, he is still the company is listed regret , he has begun a strategic transformation .
live Q & A :
JosephB.Fuller: You are the spirit of the young teacher , your own stories and psychological agitation determined to have doubts you , young people represent the future , you worry that one day they will mislead you ?
Mr Yu: If you want to want others to believe something, you have to let yourself believe that in any case you let yourself believe in order for others to believe I think I told the story many young people , including Ma also in this , he is also a story with young people up to one .
I think we tell stories Ye Hao , Ye Hao about faith , dreams Ye Hao , always important to let ourselves believe that if you do not believe , then you let yourself believe in any case , such as I have two words , has let himself in any case believe , the first one is called a man if you want to go farther , a person can not walk , to go faster a person that is not far away , you have to go far to have the same dream with a team of people to go along .
second a person can go , not because you are strong , but because you have no choice , so you just have to go and I believe we are winning these people here today , including the following of you not winning Big Brother Big Sister , you must be such good friends , and stick to it . . I believe , and I let myself go tell others believe you should trust , I think this is the first and since I believe that , even if it is misleading , I think life without regret , because I was also misled by their own , correct me if with them properly .
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