Jin Bei financial crisis is conducive to enhance t

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Jin Bei financial crisis is conducive to enhance t

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.cn 2009 年 12 月 12 日 12:02 Sina Sina Financial Financial News from the China Business News, Century Management famous lecture jointly organized the ; on December 12, 2009 in Beijing. Sina Finance broadcast the meeting. The picture above shows the CASS Institute of Industrial Economics, China Business newspaper publisher Jin Bei. (Source: Sina Financial Liangbin She)
Sina Financial News from the China Business News, Century Management famous lecture jointly organized the Pictured on the CASS Institute of Industrial Economics, China Business newspaper publisher Jin Bei.
Jinbei: official publication of our report, crisis conditions, like how to deal with business, the performance of it, I'm here to save time, the report is mainly involved in several major ideas and give you a report found.
our first report, to study the conditions for the competitiveness of enterprises, in the end after the financial crisis, the impact of the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, it is what happens to the conditions, or that good or bad should be said that the financial crisis, China's top ten graphic design company , have a great impact on various industries, some experts have talked about, I will not say, mainly manifested in the decline in growth, decline or even loss of profit, but as Chinese enterprises are still the basis of macro-control, ensure that the Chinese in such difficult circumstances, bridge, bridge aluminum aluminum aluminum doors and windows Central Purchasing phoenix, phoenix aluminum distributor we are the absolute lowest price guaranteed market; most ... become the world's economic growth to maintain a small number of large country, this can to maintain 8% growth in China a great impact on export-oriented industries, but China remains the market share of international industrial continuous improvement to enhance the momentum of course the media also had some problems, some of our major markets in the world, China's product share is growing, and the other in our industry there are also some deep-seated problems in the financial crisis revealed itself in outstanding Government has taken some extraordinary economic stimulus policies, macro-made obvious success, but also the inevitable order of competition for some industries have a negative impact, many people complain about, such as the country back into the enterprise to increase the actual tax burden of these problems.
but overall, the financial crisis for China's enterprises to enhance competitiveness of the impact of the positive side is the dominant, we analyze, why? I point a few questions, one is we have seen in China during the financial crisis, China's international status and the relative significantly improve the voice, which I say no more. We can see 08, 09 years, China's international status improved significantly, why can enhance it? is actually China's economic power, especially in Chinese industries and enterprises The international competitiveness significantly enhanced as the basis, not suddenly think China is so important, based on our strength and industrial enterprises' international competitiveness. The second is just some experts said, the financial crisis, China from the free trade of the passive receiving country, if our competitiveness is weak, the financial crisis China has become an active defense of free trade country and advocates state the third financial crisis, China's extraordinary efforts to increase infrastructure investment, no matter how evaluation active role in investment and construction, consumer role, a positive effect or negative effects, no matter how evaluation, but one thing is certain, is that China will indeed become the most powerful and infrastructure development one of the best conditions you can expect the world's capital technical personnel will be more large-scale flows to China, which is the phenomenon of the financial crisis the fourth superiority of China's development model has been demonstrated that a country's development model in the end there is no vitality, competitiveness, good in times of crisis test, so we can see that China's model to show the superiority of the financial crisis, developed countries, including countries like the United States, the mainstream media are very important in the event of changes, to understand why China should choose such a path of development so why the development of China's competitiveness is a long-term benefits, etc..
In short, the conditions to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is generally for the better in the financial crisis, China could become the winner of course, the face of such a problems facing the challenges of the financial crisis, our business to the next step how to enhance their competitiveness, our study is that, to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises to find a new path, that is, to our production more economical, refined, clean , we see that the current epoch of world development is still in the peak period, China's economic development in the mid-term of industrialization, so while we can not go beyond the basis of fossil energy crisis of major industrial stage of development, on the other hand is facing the fossil energy severe resource environment and the world in recent years has drawn increasing attention to the challenge of climate warming, the financial crisis makes countries to accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, industrial competition rules will be adjusted and trade rules, which enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises force has set a challenge and we must say that the Chinese enterprises in the more economical, refined, clean, environmental protection, through this way, to find new sources of competitiveness, we expect China's industry, including resource-intensive industries, will be significantly faster speed in the world, to more efficient use of resources and cleaner way to upgrade, while new energy alternative energy sources will also be significantly higher than the world average rate of development.
fact, in recent years, Chinese industry is moving towards more energy saving, clean roads,Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale, China to the world energy and resource use efficiency by the contribution of many international research institutions and scholars, said researchers, on the one hand we do spend a lot of resources, but on the other hand because China's economic growth, efficiency of the world's resources is helpful to the Chinese industry, more and more industries and businesses have been up to the forces can use more energy efficient, environmentally friendly technology, and ability to control competition, so we There is a research report shows that China raise if the environmental requirements, if the environmental costs, the added value of enterprises and businesses less profitable, the impact is not great, the next stage of China's ability to make production more energy-efficient, clean second financial crisis business center will also be tested, more companies will also have a new batch of outstanding enterprises, will also have more influence in the international business, more and more enterprises have the ability to move toward more economical, refined, clean development road for the tertiary structure will change a lot, with the development of manufacturing and industrial sectors of decomposition, making the production of services, in particular, the network economy, e-commerce, logistics, etc. to obtain a faster development.
At the same time our research report, analysis in the end China this year to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises at this stage the most critical factor is what we found two important one is the technological innovation, is to maintain a cost advantage, we can see that the far more labor-intensive industries will still maintain a strong competitive advantage advantage,Chanel Bags, while the traditional labor-intensive industries are labor-intensive industries to new, high-tech industry is the labor-intensive part of the chain upgrade. is We can not give up the advantages of labor-intensive industries, but this advantage to change a lot, our research also shows that technological innovation and business model innovation is increasingly becoming the key to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, especially this time we special report on some of the outstanding Chinese enterprises conducted in-depth research. like Huawei, BYD, entered the high-tech industry, and demonstrated the competitiveness of enterprises, technical innovation and they have become (46.40, -0.40, - 0.85%) The advantages of an effective combination of significant features. the one hand, technological innovation, the other hand, they maintained a cost advantage. BYD just the veterans but also for that matter, we look at BYD, created a production line , the developed countries to use the machine the way, he used one to replace, especially BYD full advantage of the large number of engineering resources. BYD's R & D investment 1.1 billion, employs 14 people, including 12,000 engineers, as a basis for project development, accounting for 9% of employees, BYD claims to have a 301 to 300% of the number of engineers, in exchange for 1% of lead, in fact, he is full of engineers The advantage to see Huawei, China's top hundred corporate R & D investment two years ago, four billion, or approximately U.S. $ 5.9 billion, while the U.S. R & D investment on Cisco's year $ 5 billion and Huawei point of view, for the company R & D spending of 10 billion yuan, about 30% as Cisco, Huawei currently has 40,000 R & D personnel,Louis Vuitton Online Outlet, R & D resources are needed if a $ 200,000 a year would need 80 billion dollars, so Huawei has invested in research and development of value-added resources to more than Cisco. So in a sense, Huawei is a labor-intensive high-tech enterprises, and Huawei and BYD case also shows that China is now available from the low-skilled, low value-added traditional labor-intensive industries to high value-added new labor-intensive industrial upgrading, while these two conditions play a role in China, we now studied a number of very favorable conditions, one is to address the financial crisis, greatly accelerate infrastructure construction, infrastructure, China is becoming the most favorable conditions developing one of the second information technology and network development, our financial crisis, again, information and networks will stimulate a new round of innovation in the economy, this thing can be technically more economical for the realization of China's industry, more economical, cleaner and provide technical support for the third of our human resources has undergone great changes, improving the quality of talent makes China's low-power advantage to the high-quality labor, benefits changes, which laid the technological innovation to achieve a wide range of human resource base of .1964, the work of primary and secondary education and university education is 64:1,1982 ratio was 5:1 years 57:1,2005, reflow SR180 oven Copy from , 2009 year is 5.5:1.
Finally, after the international financial crisis, the world competition in the industry has undergone great changes, the international pattern of asset prices and corporate strength, great changes have taken place, which gives the rapidly growing Chinese companies to provide a major strategic opportunity to adjust, Chinese enterprises can be more strategic ways and means, such as mergers and acquisitions, equity co-brand technology transfer to achieve technological innovation and cost optimization, so technological innovation and cost optimization, will be the next stage continue to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises is an important key factor. In short, after the international financial crisis, China's enterprises to enhance competitiveness and environmental conditions of positive changes have taken place, in general, Chinese companies have the strength and condition, can more economical, economy, clean production methods for enhancing the competitiveness of new information channels and sources, at this stage to actively promote technological innovation and exploring low-cost advantage of the new path is to enhance the competitiveness of China a key factor.
our reports some important theoretical discovery, if there are other content, we can see our report on the development.
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