Headache tree pathogenesis was the same with chlor

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Headache tree pathogenesis was the same with chlor

Postby bluestone185 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:36 am

Known as the plant a tree of a smell can cause strong pain now scientists know the reason. The tree of a composition by the series of events finally stimulate the flow of the film outside the brain blood flow.nike jordan shoes sale,Chlorine, cigarettes and other cause headaches such as formaldehyde factors and some of the same cell structure interaction, this shows that they are all through the same causing pain mechanism works.
In the new study, a team of international researchers from dry bay leaves extracted plant compounds California bay ketones, then let all kinds of mouse cells to contact the compound. California bay ketone triggered the will to cold stimulus and horseradish and mustard oil response from the smell of the cell detectors. The researchers found that, stimulate the chemical detector eventually will release a migraine have influence on the special protein. The protein can cause blood vessels to expand, scientists think that blood vessels to skull and inflation pressure nerve generation, causing pain. cool jordan shoes sale,The university of California, director of the center for a headache, nerve scientists Peter goldsmith said, and the other with a headache related with the same chemical detector stimulus and interaction, and regard it as a goal of treatment might be a good way.
Bay on the digestive system has significant help, can help you open the appetite, expelling bilge gas, appease back pain in the stomach, and a liver and kidney function, promote the urine flow. Whether rheumatism pain, general pain or sprain, bay all has the effect of reducing symptoms, especially with the rose, and the use of juniper. In the feeling of cold, especially suitable for to bay for prescription. At the same time, by its sudoriferous, bay can also lowers the body's temperature. Used in infectious disease of the effect on distinguished, may also help to cure bronchitis.cool jordan shoes store, Can regulate the reproductive system, adjust flow less menstruation, and can be in production process accelerated. Can also help ear infection, the improved, thus alleviate sense of vertigo, restore the balance.
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