The NHL stars sugget the NBA players to give up

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The NHL stars sugget the NBA players to give up

Postby bluestone185 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:49 pm

NBA labor negotiations to step forward, stopped working end still light-years jordan shoes, The same labor negotiations because of the sake, NHL alliance cancelled the whole 2004-05 season, Carolina hurricanes team striker matt-Karen says: "no one would like to review the past time." Final negotiations between the two sides is broken, and the whole season cancelled, but the funny thing is, the final agreement still can't avoid hard salary cap and player contract shrink 24%.
Distance was already in the past seven years, when recall when fighting is correct, current Minnesota assistant coach hendricks said: "it is difficult to answer to this. When I was young players and rich experience, a lot of people want to start game, but everybody seems to be very greed, so it is not lucky, when you look back on the past, you can only pray season does not be cancelled, you want to stick to something, but management also have their faith. cool jordan shoes store,"The Dallas all-star forward bill-GaiLin also says: this is not worth, to complete the new agreement it. For the whole season loss is not worth, so I lost 9 million dollars, I learned very vivid lesson, this is their alliances, you only in when they want to play, so for this game was even more loss of the season is not wise choice, is not worth. NBA inside those earn $15 million a year of players, needs a good thinking."
Players are not unified benefit, low-rise players don stop not, bosses for mutual benefit, can defend the bottom line. For those big team bosses speaking, by the loss of bn tickets isn't worth mentioning, small team owner may love dearly some, but the thought of the new labor agreement with benefit, first endure tone. The management of the biggest advantage is that: they unite! Can players union over there, but it is not a piece of iron. Not only is the NBA, actually the other alliance also is such. 1987 NFL stopped working events, the Washington red one team relies on a group of amateur molecular taken the crown, but several teams at the players didn't comply with trade unions and any original opinion, but concessions for jordan shoes, That season, NFL, etc so "big pot of porridge" : a professional and amateur, whatever. Think about it, so disagreements, how can a player with the boss? Today, the players have more experience of struggle, and understand the importance of unity. Say not dozen together do not hit, it can still do it. But if I stopped for a season, the average player isn't trying to stand? Take high wages super star just love the loss of $10 million, but those low-income players will be different, family pressure increase day by day, and the latter in account for the majority of players. This is a decision from the start of the game, win or lose the party.
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