this product year round stock

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this product year round stock

Postby lsd79dxyk58 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:36 am

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commodity prices:
23.00 元
Taobao business: Grass Snow
Location: Luxi
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dry food, brewing, very fragrant, 25 grams the weight of a bag, just enough for a cup of
delicious low-calorie, add the corn grains, more nutritious, not Papan.
morning, do not bother to get up early, early taste of monotonous streets without nutrition?
why not try it corn cereal, eat more whole grains body good ~!
from: Rangoon, Burma
Weight: 25 grams
said real gross weight: 28 g
one big pack are: 30 packages
large bag Net weight: 750 g
Weight: 800 g
shelf life: 24 months
When goods arrive, please check the packaging pro, such as intact can be the first sign, followed by some parents in front of your face to open the courier box (package) and then accept and observe the inventory stuff and if the results of inspection of goods found to have a shortage, damaged please contact me immediately, otherwise, will be considered good sign, after sign and accept no longer accept such stuff objection. Please note.
this product year round stock,Coach Outlet USA, buyers can be directly captured
buyers shop recommended the use of postal E-mail Bao, daily courier, you can check package delivery and tracking trends in the range , shop and Post EMS express shipping department signed an agreement, 3 kg or less received 10 yuan freight only, added weight 5 yuan per kilogram.
first re-express every 10 yuan per kilogram, following the weights of 8 yuan per kg
as not otherwise specified: for the pro shop will usually save on shipping, the default selection Postal EMS (E-mail Po). all cities (including towns, villages,Louis Vuitton Outlet, can be reached)
Mobile: 13608769972 QQ: 704203772
Name 30 sale price
Myanmar new cereal 0 ¥ 26.00 Buy
sellers Source: Taobao
seller credit:
Location: Luxi
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Taobao recommend the business by adding: Alipay real-name authentication and consumer protection services, please rest assured that the royal family to buy
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