In the middle ages, the social conditions is the i

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In the middle ages, the social conditions is the i

Postby bluestone185 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:18 pm

The black death once is the most serious in human history of one of the plague. The disease in the world caused about 75 million people died, and took about one third of the population in Europe in the middle ages life.Women Supra Shoes, And the black plague culprit is the plague bacili. Recently, the researchers from the London cemetery four people killed by the black plague of medieval discovered teeth extracted and the plague bacili, rebuild the germs of DNA, and the history of this terrible disease the true face a more in-depth understanding. Many historians have doubted the plague bacili is not to blame for the black plague. But in death from the middle ages the terrible plague the corpse, the researchers for the germs of DNA that led to the plague bacili doubt become evaporate.
Recently, in London on a special buried plague the patient's cemetery, the researchers found the four people killed by the middle ages of the black plague discovered, and from the teeth of the body was extracted the deadly germs, bacteria and rebuilt the genome information. The researchers hope to understand why it was the black plague has such terrible power. This is the first time scientists to reconstruct the ancient germs of the genetic information, on other ancient germs traced back opened up the road. "According to the reconstruction of chromosome set information, we can deduce that the medieval germs is almost all modern human pandemic virus. This kind of ancient times the ancestor of plague carry in every section of genetic information, can be found in the modern virus." Klose professor says. People used to think that the plague bacili is potentially deadly because European has never faced such terrible toxic strengthen varieties. retro jordans online,But now it seems that at that time, the black death terrorist disease virus, in toxicity and not how much better than today's disease. Why was the black plague will create a huge death? The researchers point out that, in the middle ages, the social conditions and the germs itself, is the important reason for the population from down sharply. At that time,cheap supra shoes, poverty and malnutrition everywhere, no health this concept, and 18, 19 century far worse than. Carry the flea or lice mice are one of the accomplice. And on the so-called "climate little ice age may have contributed to the plague, because many diseases in cold climates spread faster. Then more cold weather, heavy rain crops, and causing frequent famine, years of the war has just began. The people in hunger and disease of hot water. The black plague just killed the last straw camels, when people really think that the end of the world. The researchers think that in today's public health condition, the way of the outbreak long time pandemic, basically is impossible and can't imagine.
Pestis is caused by the plague bacili nature endemic spirited contagion, also called the black plague. Clinical mainly for high fever, sore lymph nodes, bleeding tendency, lung special inflammation, etc. Some 2000 years ago, it has recorded. The world has been three pandemics, the first time it happened in the 6 th century, from the Mediterranean region was introduced into Europe, died nearly 100 million people; The second occurred in 14 th century, spread to Europe, Asia, and Africa; The third was 18 th century, spread 32 countries. The plague bacili into skin, rely on capsule, V/W antigen engulfed phagocytic cells, have first local breeding, then by hyaluronic acid and dissolve cellulose effects, and quickly by the lymphatic vessels to local lymph node breeding, cause inflammation of lymph node (gland plague). The bacteria multiply lymph nodes and toxin into blood, cause systemic infections, sepsis and severe poisoning symptoms. Spleen, liver, lungs, central nervous system, etc. Can be affected. Germs BoJi lung, occur secondary pneumonic plague.wholesale jordans store, The bacteria such as direct inhaled through the respiratory tract, the first in local lymphatic organization bacteria breeding. And then BoJi lung, cause primary lung plague. In the primary lung plague basis, the bacteria into blood flow, and form the sepsis, says secondary defeated blood type the plague. A few very serious infection, the bacteria directly into the bloodstream quickly, and in which the breeding, says primary defeated blood type plague, mortality is extremely high. The human body without natural immunity to the plague bacili, easy to infection. A plague of recover achieve durable immunity, few again infection.
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