Sex strike has become a new means of collective wo

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Sex strike has become a new means of collective wo

Postby bluestone185 » Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:04 am

Supra Skytops,In the global DuoGe country sex strike has become a new means of collective women struggle, the more important is, this means often work. Among them, the 2011 Nobel peace prize winner of the feminist leaders Leymah Gbowee, Liberia has called for sex strike.
The Nobel peace prize was founded in 1901, has 100 DuoNian history. The Nobel peace prize is five Nobel Prize of one of the Norwegian Nobel committee is responsible for the work, in Oslo. According to the will of the Nobel peace prize to promote should for national unity and friendly, cancelled or cut standing armies and for peace organization of the conference and propaganda efforts to make the utmost or the greatest contribution.By 2006, more than 94 people and 19 institutions Nobel peace prize. The 2009 Nobel peace prize winner is barack Obama. retro jordan shoes, Due to the nature of the peace prize, the object of recipients are usually can not recognised by all, compared with the Nobel Prize other awards, have more controversial, the choice of conditions often limited to the peace prize awards committee position.
The ancient BoWei is Liberia anti-war columnist, won the Nobel peace prize this year. She was in 2002, takes the lead to launch sex strike, calling for Liberia women refused to and her husband happened intimate relationship, violence and civil strife unless the phenomenon of the terminated. Then President Taylor is to refuse the offer, but the next year the government and the opposition talks, the ancient BoWei hostage in public strip naked, and finally forced to return to the meeting room, finally signed the peace agreement. The Philippines Mindanao Island Dado village of women villagers July also held through sex strike, success forced them to husband promise exit by separatists of the violence. At the United Nations refugee agency Dado village and aid agencies under the assistance rebuild their homes, the department to help local women build a sewing cooperatives. However, due to the violence between village, highway traffic was cut off, many living of women with sewing to sell products sold. Therefore, they start sex strike, help rebuild their villages and bring peace. In addition, the worst city public security Columbia Midwest pereira, happened to wife gang members unite issued an ultimatum of activities: to lay down their arms or give up sex. The movement has also won the mayor's office to support.wholesale jordan shoes, Africa Aghem village in northwestern Cameroon village of women 2003 years has also launched a walkout 3 months of sex strike, urging their husbands to face up to the shepherd indulge their herds which the problem of crops, eat. Unable to form a new government in Belgium during the political deadlock continued, and have a female senator suggested by the national political figure launched influence among the sex strike, to try to break the political stalemate.
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