Global high-end appliance brand swordfight United

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Global high-end appliance brand swordfight United

Postby lsd79dxyk58 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:00 am

Inverter air conditioner, following the United States won the Innovative Design Award China 2010 January 12, sponsored by the Chinese and the second session of the national grid, LG, Samsung and other top international home appliance brand, high-end appliances aspirations to join the innovation is the driving force behind the companies continue to move forward with the development of core competencies. Midea beginning from product design to give full play the spirit of innovation, starting from the value of enhancing the user experience and improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning, fashion and comfort, so that every piece of air conditioning products have become the The appliances in the home life as an important and indispensable component of the product to high-end, fashion ideas into the development of a consumer under the inevitable trend of development in the just released soon, planning proposal , service demands and other factors,Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags, the more the process began to focus on user experience with experience, while in the award-winning products in the United States of inverter air conditioner Galaxy D180 Guiji cool breeze with an innovative low-power operating mode to all consumers new experience.
It is understood today, as people increasingly demand quality of life, the pursuit of comfort has become the focus of consumers to buy air conditioning in 2011, the U.S. high-end flagship products inverter air conditioner air conditioning Galaxy D180 will further upgrade the comfort, from the ; AMD feeling exciting multi-media systems, will give consumers the most intense audio-visual enjoyment and comfortable control experience. United States of inverter air conditioner condensate Technology Galaxy D180 Guiji also the crystal, is the art of technology is its extraordinary superior royal temperament, fashion elegance with innovative technology integration, after tempered, energy-saving technologies from reaching the top, powerful compressor parts, precision frequency control technology to 10 ~ 130 Hz to run ultra-wideband technology, achievement of comfort beyond the imagination of consumers.
in the national grid editor Lvsheng Hua said,Discount Gucci Handbags, consumers using the products more and more attention to the feelings, shows the home life of the appliance is no longer just a practical necessity, but also bring a companion to enjoy life, the more consumers by household appliances and more willing to feature a variety of extraordinary experience joy in life; and beautiful, stylish exterior design and harmonize with the home environment, the color choice, but given the quality of the new significance of home appliances,Coach Outlet Store Online, high-end appliances will go into more families to realize the high-end appliances to the human desire to live better.
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