The Difference between Tablet PC and Laptop

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The Difference between Tablet PC and Laptop

Postby shigu923id » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:32 am

Tablet PC as a new member of the Android Tablet for Sale family, the appearance is very similar to laptop, but still has differences with the laptop, we can call it is a condensed version of the notebook. Its shape between the laptop and handheld computers, but its processing power is larger than handheld computers, compared with the laptop, tablet PC has all functions of the laptop, in addition, tablet PC also supports handwriting input or voice input, so mobility and portability are much better.
The main features of 10 Inch Android Tablet is its display can be rotated, generally the screen less than 10.4-inch, and with a touch LCD screen, you can use electromagnetic induction pen to handwrite to input. Plate-type computer set mobile commerce, mobile communications and mobile entertainment as a whole, with the functions of handwriting recognition and wireless network communication, known as the notebook computer's demise. Tablet PC are in two sizes: one is special writing pad, can external keyboard, screen and so on, used as a general PC. Another is the notebook writing pad, can be opened and closed like laptops. Tablet PC has built some new applications in it, users only need to write on the screen, the text or hand-drawn graphics will be entered into the computer.
At present, according to the design Tablet PC can be divided into two types, integrated keyboard "Variable Tablet PC" and the external keyboard "Pure tablet computer."
Variable 7 Inch Android Tablet: integrate computer keyboard with the host of computer, the host connect digital LCD screens closely through a clever structure, when LCD screen and the host are folded together which can be used as a "Pure tablet computer." But when open the LCD screen, this tablet PC can be used as a laptop which with digital ink and handwriting input/operation functions. It is worth to mention that its screen not only can fold up and down but also can be rotated 180 °, which can be much easier to display the computer screen to others. Overall, compared to the "Pure tablet computer ", "Variable Tablet PC"("dual use" Tablet PC) is closer to the laptop.
Pure tablet computer: which is integrating the host of computer with digital LCD screens, make the handwriting input as its main input method, and it can be through USB port, infrared port interface or other external keyboard / mouse (Some manufacturers of 8 Inch Android Tablet products will be an external keyboard / mouse as an option.) at any time.
No matter what other types of tablet PC, its main purpose is to provide users with the best performance and portability. Although Tablet PC can not replace the notebook status, it has no substitute in the portable field position.
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