Man knocked unconscious in broad daylight stole 13

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Man knocked unconscious in broad daylight stole 13

Postby wonn7foiy » Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:38 pm

burglary, robbery and wounding the owner, took away nearly 50 million worth of 13 paintings, and the robbers was carrying paintings mysteriously disappeared. After the incident, police in the northern city of detachment Municipal Public Security Bureau of Interpol assistance of other departments, he moved to Qingdao, Jinan, Weifang, Zibo, Yantai and other places on the market for a large number of antiques and paintings to visit the investigation, after 35 days of investigation, culminating in Weifang Wang will arrest the suspect.
crime in broad daylight 13 paintings stolen

10 月 15 日 下午 3 时 30 分 Xu, city police received a report said North, in the Changle Road Culture Street, a painting shop, the owner was covered in blood fell to the ground, less than ten pieces of calligraphy and painting shop. North City police case attracted great attention, Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments in conjunction with Interpol detachment North City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit,Air Force 1 Low, port police station, police set up task force in this rapidly from the large burglary, robbery investigation. Assistant to the mayor, City Public Security Bureau Huang Longhua requires full cracked the case.
near Taitung as the place where the business circle, surrounded by shops, openly in the daytime to commit robbery suspect, a time of rumors everywhere, surrounding businesses feel insecure. Through on-site survey and investigation of a large number of visits, the owner was Liu who wounded the head caused by blunt injuries,White Air Force One, including the late renowned artist store works, including 13 paintings looted, the value involved nearly 50 million. As the time of the incident comes at noon, few marketers, site no witnesses, the victim of the incident, and Ryu has the characteristics of men committing the crime can not be an accurate description of the case investigation was stalled.
track down stolen paintings in Weifang, to investigate. The incident the next day, broken down into smaller task force Rd, Qingdao in addition to continuing to investigate, but also were rushed to Jinan, Weifang, Zibo, Yantai and other places around the antiques and paintings began to market visits Mo Pai.
After one month investigation, the afternoon of November 16, police task force came to Weifang, - piece of calligraphy is robbed of the 13 paintings in one. After investigation learned early November, a 20-year-old, 1.7 meters tall and self-proclaimed . However, At the same time, the task force in Jinan, calligraphy and painting in the local market, police also found a stolen scroll,Air Force One Low, sell paintings were also not left contact information. But the two pictures and store owner of Maihua human physical characteristics of the same description.
Weifang arrested suspects arrested sit back and wait

Trustee sell paintings do not stay in contact, this man was a major suspect. Understanding of the situation by the police task force, the panel decided to place waiting until the However, the police waiting for three days straight,
police again to Weifang, group to determine, on the urgent need of money,
11 月 20 early in the morning, around and on behalf of the police in Antique shop selling paintings dispatched squat around the beginning until around 3 pm, a suspicious, physical characteristics and the very fit man in the police field of vision. Police immediately interrogated this man, and on the spot from his possession a stolen paintings. Evidence,

crime pictures and surf the Internet search market is also drink a bottle of wine to embolden

account, according to Wang, he is 20 years old, childhood love collection of coins, has studied calligraphy and painting. In 2006 he came home from Henan Qingdao, Shenyang has a factory in the city to work, often to Qingdao in the rest of the antiques market around. In addition, he is fascinated by the lottery, invested a lot of money to buy lottery tickets, the dream of overnight riches. However, meager wages can not pay the cost of buying lottery tickets.
since September of this year, he went to the bank credit card, purchase lottery tickets with a credit card, two months in arrears more than 30,000 yuan. He has been unable to repay the debt in October 10 to the cultural market stroll into the store was robbed of paintings, hear the Friends of Tibet, said the store chatting with the owner of valuable paintings hanging, they have robbed the idea of ​​debt calligraphy. To this end, he also specialized online searching of the calligrapher's work in recent years the stock market, and many times to scroll around the shop and check out the location.
Wang confessed, the day on October 15, for courage, in the front of his home, drank a bottle of wine, holding a hammer and prepared to calligraphy and painting shop travel bags, At that time the store no customers, only one owner. He lied framed paintings, calligraphy and painting to take advantage of the opportunity to see the owner to concentrate, to bring the hammer with a portable suddenly be knocked unconscious, then quickly store paintings hanging on the wall 13 into the bag and fled.
after the incident, was robbed of paintings with Wang Yang family fled the city to hide. The next day we took the map prepared in advance, to Jinan, Weifang, antiques and paintings market, selling stolen paintings. However, only a month in Jinan market price of 1.4 million sold two paintings. In Weifang, he wanted to take advantage of a large set of paintings, these paintings to a better price, but did not think the police have been here waiting.
now, Wang has been under criminal detention according to city police north. December 16, the special team recovered one robbed in Jinan calligraphy, as of now, robbed of 13 paintings being sold except two recovered, the remaining 11 paintings have been recovered.
text / correspondent for the newspaper reporter Rui-Hong Li Xudong Liu Peng map / newspaper correspondent Liang Libo Liu Renfei

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Re: Man knocked unconscious in broad daylight stole 13

Postby raxfreelmex » Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:42 pm

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