Kazakh wedding marriage and the race to grab

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Kazakh wedding marriage and the race to grab

Postby wonn7foiy » Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:32 am

I finally understand, in the grasslands of the wedding, the bride and groom, not the protagonist.
misty rain and fog, the world among a group of people are listening to poetry. Every drop of rain wrapped words are expressing courage. Face-ho nature, little people, try to cry, try to do every thing dry gusto.
text: DING Yan

wedding Racing the wind

Lake in Sazi days, is the most pleasant pastoral days of the year: the sheep arrived can eat grass, but people do not want to do another season for the event: the wedding. Winter on the prairie winter pen is not the custom of wedding. Even last winter, has a wife greet the door, but we have to wait until next summer before the law. So, 米哈尔古丽 home from the mountains to a month, received more than twenty invitations. Rectangular tissue, surrounded by decorated with lace, text from right to left, dense. She dashed line pointing to the next lines, said: August 1st wedding to race. She added that the wedding horse racing, has become a common practice of.
drill into him suddenly from the yurt door, looked very awkward appearance: dark sturdy, though not Chinese, you can talk about a series of Kazakh, the bushy eyebrows together almost flying forward, eyes bright and cunning,Moncler Men Jackets, He is the famous horse people: 43-year-old Sana Ti, Kerala Chalk village herders. He's a 15-year-old white horse with a good listen to the name: white pigeons. From 6 years old, this horse will become professional athletes; to 8 years old, has 85 entries, the main person to win eight large livestock, two motorcycles, reputed Sazi Lake.
Sana Ti said good horse can not see the person before the game, otherwise, the horse will panic, mood affect the game. It is said that the white dove is very thin, and not much difference between an ordinary horse. But next to the villagers said, adding that only the horse's eyes, in order to identify the Maxima. White pigeons in the early era of its foal, Sa Nati see it on the extraordinary. It is the horse stallions, which have been castrated (castrated), Sana Ti immediately bought it. White dove's father is white, mother is brown, it with his father, covered with white. Horse a lot of stress, but this is horse's housekeeping skills, Sana Ti do not want to say, I am not a lot to ask.
Sana Ti usually do not bear riding a horse, willing to play it all the energy in the game; play when the rider is not his 12-year-old son, Jurgen (the rider's weight to be participating in the 40 kg ). Do Jurgen old rider, 7-year-old started riding a horse, you and the horse sticking together. White pigeons often thrown off the second 50 meters or 100 meters. Some people use 10 million dollars for a white dove, Sana Ti quit. Brother's son to marry, each other's relatives, said nothing, the white dove should horse. Brother to seek him, he thought, reluctantly agreed. Strange thing happened: since the white pigeons for the owner, a full two years, once it did not get first place. Relatives put the horse back to the Sana Ti. See white pigeons came back, Sana Ti clinging horse shed tears. After the competition in January, the white dove and ran out of first place.
courage and disappeared after leaving the horse

in Sazi Lake Prairie, livery were divided into three categories: one for families with elderly persons (the elderly still get to keep the horse Madang customs and traditions); the other, designed for the horse to do air-dried meat after slaughter, intestines, or sell horses fed mare's milk, horse meat. One kilogram mare's milk to sell $ 8, the price of horse meat and horse intestines mid-rise. It is said that, in Xinjiang, there are thousands of horses each year at least to be eaten; third class, to race and keep - a wedding must have horse racing, the winner of the award, large pickup trucks, motorcycles, small cattle , sheep.
comparisons of the wind in the grasslands of malpractice, when someone in the race to establish more generous awards, someone will get The chain reaction is worse: a lot of people bought motorcycle loans, as horse racing prize, only to support face. To seek temporary strong, many pastoral house for several years to regain strength to (this piece of prairie really well-not a few, most middle-income herders). To this end, the county specifically under red tape, banned horse racing motorcycles and the like when the large reward, it is now, the first reward for the horse (a Malaysian value of 5,000 yuan, the equivalent of a Yamaha) or other large animal, the second was two years old bull, was the third sheep, goats or saddles was fourth, the rest have blankets, blanket.
Mazen exploiting the boundary with grassland tribal ancestors, had made extraordinary position, and now, the most basic elements to maintain the nomadic society is facing the fate of being replaced. Before a herdsman to keep two or three horses, with the popularity of motorcycles, and now do not support a. Ma is no longer so proud herdsmen, trusted family partner. Horse's mouth is very cunning, unlike the thick ass then mouth, horse feed prices increasing inflation, if you want to see the troops in the grasslands of two handsome case, is uncommon.
grassland is a grim cycle of the world, if one part of a flawed, broken up, than the connection easier. Those go hand in hand and horse free, straightforward, strong, light and spacious feeling, it will cease to exist. The horse is through human and machine are different. Horse's body temperature, horse sweat, the unruly horse itself is intrinsic, are not, and by the metal, gasoline, engine components motorcycle equate. With Ma Ying away, those who rely on well-known pastoral skills, will gradually eliminate the legendary escape in it? Those on horses, Diaoyang, saddle legend, seems to have become the next generation of museum objects to observe. People like me, are the last generation will be the shepherd is the trend of the times change replace the witnesses? I suddenly remembered the wine - those drunk men, their decisions based on the position, after the horse from the left before disappearing.
grab marriage and separation

in the grasslands, the separation of marriage is necessary.米哈尔古丽 because they have a job, marriage is only assigned to a cow; her Tai Saozi assigned a total of eleven cattle; little sister in law is married to rush, and later assigned to two cows, two horses, ten sheep and a motorcycle. I was taken aback: rob marriage? ! (Traditional Kazakh young marriage, children, parents must first engagement by both sides, and then married, precise and orderly procedure) she laughed: : but think, why make do too bad. Most young people are no longer third-year graduate studies, to help the family sheep boy, all right at night, went to the tent store to drink, to see the girl on hot pursuit; girl rebellious heart stronger, not willing to cook at home, the girl followed the boy fleeing forced marriages, hiding out on the ten days, until both sides of the parents agreed, and then go home. She said: / p>
Hana is drawn to the Xunde black sheep's head came in, 米哈尔古丽 pointing to his smile: is She said: . three or four times, the woman's parents, then asked his daughter whether with voluntary, then the father and the man to meet. a meeting, the man his father took the hat off, put down on the ground, asking for forgiveness. If marriage is his brother robbed, and that brother brother asked to leave the hat, after which the woman's father asked the man his father to the bride price 50,000 (or five head of cattle), the man said, 20,000 (two cattle) all right, eventually negotiate to 3 million (three cows). / p>
米哈尔古丽 pointing to yurts, but said that the distance from the cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, where a circle, on the wedding. I said I do not know them, can not attend the wedding? She said, you walk into any of a yurt, just sit down, there will Nang eat, drink tea.
new era of the bride and groom

I crossed the river, go there alone. Half an hour later, went before the yurt. I wear some small, cold whole body trembled. One asked, is to marry Dina La Castile. Although the two of them I do not know, but I, a bow, got into a yurt, see the block open space, sit down cross-legged on. Around in a circle, and all middle-aged men. The uncle beside me, breaking off a piece of crusty into my hands, to pour on the tea bowl, he kept saying, drink, drink. Drank three bowls of tea, eat a crusty, considered some body heat.
out of the yurt, the grass red gasoline generators humming, the ascent of the red brick on the stove, and ran quickly, detour 15 teapot, sparkling against the light, half a meter next to five or six tall big white plastic bucket; neighbors sister when their temporary receptionist: scarves, suits, skirts, black shoes, the same size waist apron (white, pink edges, red flowers, green leaves, decorated with white pocket). Women are deeply set eyes wide face, cheeks flushed, eyes deep pattern, wearing earrings, necklaces, rings. Men are blue blue pants, hat,Moncler Coats, or wearing a flower, or wearing a cowboy hat, or wearing a black, red cap.
motorcycle increasing in number, take the seat on the pad or felt, are all bright colors (such as the last rider decorative saddle!). Their owners will be cut in half bottles of mineral water, cross-legged on the grass drinking beer; from the middle-aged man riding only five people, sitting cross-legged beside the wheel, a detour to whip on the thigh, his left hand clip cigarette, his right hand shaking a glass of beer. Distance, a sportswear, the little boy wearing a flower hat is the real rider. They gather thou art, light dismount, tying horse together, a total of seven. Coarse horse nostrils puffing, keep the pace moving, unlike the motorcycle so the rules, they are more like a prairie adjunct, rather than some kind of spiritual sustenance. They survived, thanks to the entertainment. Rider and horse in hand to show off their speed after the game, like buy a shirt to show their new - speed into small pieces. In the distant past, life and death battle battlefield, horses and soldiers integrated, with the speed Brilliantness history. Now, the horses become the spice of life. Those gathered at the point raised in the saddle silver, shining like wildfire edelweiss, concentrated the whole cold weapons.
came two men, both blue suit, red tie, wearing a cap, tell who is the groom. I asked to know, that is the high point of Castile, the groom's brim decorated with a circle on the silver nails, white embroidered hat on the right Y-3, in black against the background of obvious. His 25-year-old, dark reddish, laugh, end of eye pattern has a deep, right hand ring finger, shining silver ring. A few minutes later, the bride was surrounded from the yurts there: a white tunic veil, waist decorated with multiple glass crystal, skirt covered feet, decorated with leaves and flower shapes, decorated with silver sequins scattered. Through the veil, the bride can be seen from the hair plate stuck on pink flower heads, neck and hanging crystal necklace.
wrapped words every drop of rain

wedding is about to begin: sound coming out Tamboura playing and singing. 30-year-old singer, brown suit, hair to the right side points, trimmed the arms of the piano group owl feathers, seen more fluffy than usual large, swaying, and the owner should be as in singing. He's the tall man standing beside him, raised the microphone on his lips. In the song's opening remarks, the bride's veil was picked to open, then, wearing a flower hat, red suit and played the host, the wedding started.
first sprinkle of sugar. Great sense of ceremony: three old lady with a cloth pocket, arched body, grabbed a hard throw, cry Ah, four children were busy picking up. An old lady finished sugar spread, the central gathering place on the stand blowing his nose, then Huangyou back chair, every step is like a mountain in the handling. Host will microphones at the old people, the speech came in the wind, lingering tone, similar chant. There are too many elderly people into the microphone excited, could not stop coughing up; while another, wearing a dark green embroidered yellow hat for the elderly, then pulled out a sheet of paper from her trembling, facing up ... ... Then read , drilled a drunk crowd, the elderly every word, he began to make large exaggerated movements show of hands, and so end the elderly, said that Allah, Aikebaier, the alcoholic has issued a large tone, exaggerated repetition.
until the next an old man, the sky's cloud has been clustered into groups, planted rain, the crowd was absolutely still available, there lingers, in the rain persisted. Appears to be some thin bride's wedding dress, bridesmaids hold up an umbrella for her. Little children as usual slapstick, running, turn a blind eye on the changing weather. That the women making tea, sitting by the fire, watching over fifteen teapot.
a blue suit man play, the crowd buzzing. Partial with his hair neatly combed, brimming with intellectual taste. With gestures, he began to recite poetry: the ups and downs of tone, from the microphone, Flaring, echoed in the grass. It was not an ordinary person given the tone of the throat, but distant ancestors through a ritual, for people reprimand. The poet's reading for a long, sustained for ten minutes. He constantly flip, induced seven applause, the most intense applause, was the best man holding whip.
young intellectuals to go back, up a middle-aged man, with protruding round belly, blue cap, T-shirts, yellow waistcoat, uninhibited style. Do not get writing paper, hand-held microphone, said openings. Speed ​​swift pace, intense tone, like a whirlwind blowing through, one to catch another one. Interest actions,Moncler Women Jackets, he did turn it around wherever he goes, while reading aloud, while sideways to the audience, throwing to the fierce eyes. He roared, his passion lofty, he will voice roar out. Climax, the tone actually appear tearful. His eyes closed, covered with curled inward, and then a stomping, suddenly open themselves to the eyes shooting distance, finger force one finger. I saw him beyond his limits, into the embodiment of an alternative existence. He became the spokesman for lush feel. He reminded the will and compassion to re allegiance to things unrelated to above, inspire applause ripples.
I finally realized that, in the grasslands of the wedding, the bride and groom, not the protagonist.
misty rain and fog, the world among a group of people are listening to poetry. I am unfamiliar words that coerced the rain blowing in the wind, like the prairie passage into my body, I want to collapse - at the moment, I am so weak, and it is so powerful! Every drop of rain wrapped words are expressing courage. Face-ho nature, little people, try to cry, try to do every thing dry gusto.
lifted my spirit, feel the rain fall on cheek is warm.
author is well-known poet. Now lives in Shenzhen

Gan Shan: green, years. Indistinct patch of green face, Of course, not entirely to blame Zhang Yimou, the knowledge can only blame themselves too poor. I also believe that many people's understanding of the Loess Plateau has a one-sided and poor like me.
text: Senecio

10 later this month to Gansu and Shaanxi. This is the second year into the northwest, on the back in May, it is spring, the Loess Plateau, Barley green, lush fruit trees, and imagine the yellow land very different. I know it must be more to see Zhang Yimou's film, Yellow Earth brought desolation everywhere ─ there is no grass-inch long, dripping sweat into smoke; there Kazamaki loess, crowded; where the villagers to wash one year, rare back bath ... ...

especially from Qingyang Gansu to Shaanxi Yan'an, all the way in dense natural forest vegetation between the shuttle, I realize that such a stretch for 4,000 kilometers, an area of ​​23,000 square kilometers of the original woodlands ─ It has a nice name: Meridian Ridge. Consistent with the direction of the Earth because of the prime meridian is named. Ziwuling Xuanyuan Huangdi Shi tribes of ancient origin, Shaanxi and Gansu is the year the Red Army base. It is said that Jia has done such an analogy: the Red Army guerrilla in Meridian Ridge, like lice in hiding Yang Piao. Indistinct patch of green face, Of course, not entirely to blame Zhang Yimou, the knowledge can only blame themselves too poor. I also believe that many people's understanding of the Loess Plateau has a one-sided and poor like me.
have their own perception of the Loess Plateau ─ hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of the original yellow land erosion due to water formed a strange landscape, a picture of them from the Northwest Bao sing folk songs, You in your brother that I ge Liang beam that ditch, you fancy a brother sister waving gesture. White-collar cloth Shanshan wear in her sister's body, his brother not to go out like you see on the individual. You in your brother that I ge Liang beam that ditch, you fancy a brother sister ... a move in a wave beam, one in the ditch, elusive. Basic communication in that era by the roar, and beckoned have even fixed up the. Brother climbed from the ditch or other beam, the day had already become dark. Plateau area are large, ranging from twelve square kilometers, there are dozens of square kilometers large. Is equal to a thousand meters of altitude can be strapped to a huge block of aircraft taking off and landing ground, really spectacular.
it back Gansu, Shaanxi, has experienced almost two seasons, starting when the temperature nearly 20 degrees Celsius in Shanghai, the evening arrived Qingyang, only minus 3 degrees Celsius. The problem is the following one to two days after the county, lived in the local government guest house, arranged into the room after being told bad indoor air-conditioning, heating only by electric blankets. The strange thing is actually a level of conditioning while Surge in electricity consumption is estimated that cold weather, had to limit the number of air conditioning. Only the locals of the stocky, but sorry to say not to open, they just had an excuse. Only too obvious flaws, is what we call code too rough.
Indeed, both live with, or eat, and almost everywhere the traces of the rough. For example, a newly opened self-proclaimed Only one hand against the single-hand bath. Fun is the other room actually have experienced the same embarrassment, really a dilemma. But for that floor to the side of the tilt, is the installation and acceptance are too sloppy rough. As another example, the local millet porridge are very rare, 95% water. This is nothing down, customs and traditions so. Unlike Southerners cook porridge, relatively thick. However, when we drink the waiter was crying loudly as See, however, looked the locals, one Gululu drink gusto, we could not help but to say
only, all the 'rough' complaints, are quickly turned into a short laugh funded trip, a fun episode. Remember the name of host CCTV Zhu has said The so-called Which is what we personally feel that way.
in Gansu, Shaanxi, there are a lot of people live in caves, most of them elderly, who used to live in the cool of the cave, do not want to move into new buildings. So that the soil appears to be a cave ─ no way, they are indeed the soil of the world, to the soil, top soil is, in addition to doors and windows, surrounded by all the soil also can be said to be home Windows can only open the door side of the point where the only light is the home place, kang also set up in the window. Activity center that is home, sleeping, playing cards, watching TV, there are children to do homework, almost all of the kang. Each of us stepped into a fellow's home, heard the first sentence is always because under the point of ignition kang, kang is warm, they would rather stand on their own under the kang chilled, and let strangers guests a warm body warm.
It reminds me of Qingyang County, Central Township, eight beads, a farmer named Bong kept his in the 1930s, the cave had entertained in their own homes over Peng, Li Fuchun, Deng, Xiao Jinguang, Zuo Quan, Nie, Xi, Chen Geng said, we lived ten marshals and generals, most of his cave. He Guanchiguanzhu tube recuperate. That simple to unimaginable level. However, in the year, as long as there is such a cave, as long as there is a fire burning warm kang, enough to make our Chinese professional revolutionaries with Unless there exist numerous fellow like Bong, willing to look for their own
line all the way to accompany a female secretary of a local, tall and straight like a model. She did not explain to us without apology, it is limited financial resources, can not afford to repair this road. From time to time a vehicle oncoming tractor loaded with corn. Narrow road meet, could not help secretly crying, because as long as there is a car go quite a bit, across the car and refused to give, it will be dead the whole way up. But actually all the way to live in peace. No rush Road, there is no blockage, there is only mutual accommodation and help. Our driver was a twenty-year-old boy, look a little foolish, he does not because the car while sitting in the local parent-like opening was arbitrary, the stop of the stop, let's make that, but a few jumped out to the need help each other contribute ideas, get a slurry. Female secretary did not mean to blame his nosy, but when his carriage, gently ask, no (mo) thing, right? A dirt road was so unbearable bloom near misses, orderly, also out of tenderness, but let me 由衷地感叹: good, Gan Shan's people!
October Gansu, Shaanxi, Autumn is strong. Gan Shan into the Autumn in the face of one thousand myriad ditch, we suddenly feel open-minded lot, could not help but like on a voice shouted wildly Bao, Xin Tian, ​​Gansu Extase or may not be able Colorado high tone, but that is cool, or like Zhu said, feeling himself
author is well-known intellectuals Shanghai

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Re: Kazakh wedding marriage and the race to grab

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Choosing a wedding venue is a very important decision as it sets the stage for the whole day.
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