GUANGZHOU brand shoes Daquan love ~ ^. @

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GUANGZHOU brand shoes Daquan love ~ ^. @

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Operation of eight before the period (AD 2004 ~ 2023) is not a good position.
Lucky: can be hung landscape paintings and calligraphy (calligraphy) to help open transport.
Central: Jiuxing figure 7
good and bad phenomenon: on behalf of the tongue, injury and bad peach.
Lucky method: put a pot of water plants (such as gold Ge) can resolve the tongue and a bad peach.
more fleeting years of flying for the 2011 辛卯star and the house of relationships and instead of turning to the law, hope to be helpful for the new year to plan and prepare at the same time, if an earlier understanding of their environment in which good and bad feng shui directions, and timely and proper conduct of Feng Shui adjustments, will help his family fortune Cosmos, career success and fortunes, to make life happy. Everyone would like to wind and water in 2011, all wishes come true!
iron mouth Wang: This article involved in the theory of geomancy only for their specific premises, does not apply to all units, geomancy in the planning process must be combined with Zodiac, the five elements, location and other factors, so it can be more precise, for medical treatment, good fortune.
(This picture comes from the network, to reproduce this work please indicate the source)
(newspapers, magazines, television beak Wang article Approximations QQ:)
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Taobao blouses new shoes, brand value .
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