For seriously ill husband to donate the body to gi

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For seriously ill husband to donate the body to gi

Postby wonn7foiy » Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:53 am

February 26, Star Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang Corps Hospital, member of the public sent a message to Ma Zhongli encouraged her strong point, and donated $ 500. Asian Heart Network reporter Zhu Yi photo
2 26, Star Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang Corps Hospital, member of the public sent a message to Ma Zhongli encourage donations. Asian Heart Network reporter Zhu Yi

suffering husband moved enthusiastic love of life and death of people

people a helping hand to the suffering of the couple: I hope you can hold on

Asian Heart Network (Reporter Ping) Ma Zhongli patient care received a message from a stranger's blessing, like SMS, which received a lot of days Ma Zhongli.
2 24, 本网 published many dedicated people want to help and warmth which is suffering tough fight with the fate of the couple. There the reader to Ma Zhongli care workers of the hospital to visit her, blessing and love money, as well as deeply moved by the audience rushed to the Ma Zhongli Changji home for her seriously ill husband, Jin Yong, to make modest.
44-year-old Ma Zhongli who lives in Changji, smaller than her 3-year-old husband Lvjin Yong is an orphan, the couple lived together for 17 years. In 2000, Ma Zhongli suffering from kidney disease, loss of ability to work, Lv Jinyong to his wife, four workers. In 2009, the body in Ma Zhongli has improved, the Lv Jinyong was diagnosed with uremia, double renal failure, dialysis can only rely on life-sustaining.
order to extend the life of her husband, Ma Zhongli migrant workers dragging sick body, the face of continued high medical expenses and tired bear's wife, last year,MBT sko billige, Lv Jinyong in Changji Red Cross has done a body donation Notary started to give up after treatment, a way to reduce the weight of his wife, but her husband Ma Zhongli determined not to do so. Currently, Ma Zhongli Corps Hospital 24-hour care in a patient, because the seven-day care workers' wages to the husband can do a blood dialysis.
2 月 24 on the evening, who declined to be named President rushed to the hospital for Ma Zhongli donated $ 10,000. The President said that this togetherness, cherish each other's feelings so deeply moved him and his family, this love shall, for the two children he and Le Cher donated, hope this modest as soon as possible so that Lv Jinyong treatment, so the couple earlier this suffering out of the woods.
2 月 25 early in the morning, two unidentified women rushed to the hospital to Ma Zhongli Corps left a donation of 1,000 yuan, and encourage Ma Zhongli to stick to it. In the afternoon, an unnamed retired teacher corps rushed to the hospital,billige MBT sko, she left for the Ma Zhongli 1200 yuan a month pension.
Ma Zhongli, said the past few days, she has been very touched,
2 月 25 am, No. 150 Yan'an Road Changji cottage compound, with Ma Zhongli who lives in a courtyard house, a junior high school students came to Ma Zhongli to Lv Jinyong donated his $ 500 New Year's money. Lv Jinyong said, after neighbors often see him on this child's parents had given him last year donated 1,000 yuan, the situation made him feel too warm.
According to Chinese Medicine Hospital Changji introduced the afternoon of February 25,MBT sko, Lv Jinyong Ma Zhongli relatives and friends who came in to the hospital for a blood dialysis.

Woman back to her parents to take care of seriously ill moth

Blood donation bus driver for 21 years a total of

Mother son dead in the back of the ashes memorial tattoo ( Figure )
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