Picking up old donated five days to hit Taiwan inc

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Picking up old donated five days to hit Taiwan inc

Postby wonn7foiy » Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:20 pm

Picking up plastic bottles of old donated money to show

around 11 am yesterday, a late uncle over 6 3 into the provincial Red Cross office. An uncle on the hair into the fire to the office: out,Air Force One Low, to come to offer their own little love. May be due to mistaken the address, uncle around to find, nearly three hours to go to find provincial Red Cross office. In reassuring staff, handed the province uncle took out 500 dollars in the hands of the Red Cross staff.
correspondent for the issuance of the certificate stub donors to see, one called Staff recalled, the lady said after the donations are willing to donate their corneas. Afterward, the reporter contacted Ms. Lee, Esmond told reporters on the phone last year, 5.12 after the earthquake, she and her husband had to do before disaster volunteers, need assistance in the mood, thanks also to donations. Province Red Cross group Xuanbu Liu Qiang, vice minister, said:

Today, the provincial Red Cross staff to various departments and units to carry out fund-raising activities.
Jinniu: 3 donation points until Friday

10 am yesterday, the reporter arrived at the Jinniu

everybody likes Sandy Bay Road supermarket door, the volunteers have to out of love. A lot of people out of the supermarket, go straight over to the volunteers and gave their love. Meanwhile, the Auchan stores outside the West,Nike High Heels, nine in the embankment Jiaxing Mao Plaza, volunteers have organized fund-raising activities.
It is understood that this is the second province of the Red Cross issued a activities. Jinniu Red Cross folks work

personnel, last year's earthquake, the people of Taiwan for the generous people of Sichuan, and today they suffered difficulties, we should lend a helping hand Sichuan. Provincial Red Cross, many people deliberately choose, where people gather for fund-raising, the time from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm, from yesterday until Friday, Taurus Red Cross will raise money in the three-point fixed .
streets: the little boy to donate pocket money

played the same scene in the city center, volunteers are holding a fund-raising boards and banners, uninterrupted flow of the road in Chunxi fund-raising. Passing people, stop from time to time to see banners and display panels, Volunteers who have donated for every pay tribute to College from Chengdu, a volunteer Red Man Yu said: It turned out that piece of paper wrapped them in a 8 over. hold, then a few from his hip pocket and pulled out a neatly folded dollar, looking at my father, eager to Dad agreed, the boy went to the collection box before bouncing around,Nike Air Max, the money to go into a picture.
picking great-grandmother: 500 bottles donated money

close to noon, four hours of collection box has been stuffed half-full. A gray hair, dressed in green flower shirt, the great-grandmother wearing one pair of dark red shoes carrying two garbage bags, went straight in the collection box, and then from his hip pocket and took out some wrinkles of 20 dollars, into the collection box . Around the passers-by are going to praise her eyes cast
asked that a reporter approached, great-grandmother called Yuanguo Ru, Pengshan people. Three years ago, she came to supplement the family income scavenging Chunxi Road area, Not idle down, she always felt that point should be to reduce the burden on the family, money is to sell 500 bottles. But Yuan Guoru that She may not know the words, When we hit, people have to donate money to help our. family

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