Salt inspectors have been beaten by more than 10 C

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Salt inspectors have been beaten by more than 10 C

Postby wonn7foiy » Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:06 pm

□ intern often the chief military correspondent Zhang Zhili Ventura

Anyang News newspaper, ward to see the city salt Bureau Legal Division inspectors Ji Jianjun left leg with multiple wounds, including three large, appalling.
Ji Jianjun said, January 13, when they were in the normal law enforcement more than a dozen men holding wooden sticks beaten and attacked by three Tibetan mastiff, injured.
check salt

law enforcement officers check into the hospital after several representations

Ji Jianjun memories, the morning of January 13, their nine salt in Anyang City police inspectors Bureau in cooperation with three police,New Balance 993, within the context of salt in the city safety inspections. 11 am, they received a report Beiguan District, Anyang City, home base Gou Village West may exist within a simple plant illegal industrial salt. They rushed to the scene, saw the door closed, you can see the hospital through the door there are a large number of words marked with industrial salt bags,New Balance 574, the house was.
Ji Jianjun said they Liangmingshenfen, who shouted to the house, the other is not open at the same time, a man will be tied to the three Tibetan Mastiff in the hospitals open, to scare law enforcement officers. Olivia recalled accompanying the police, when he also bright and clear identity, so that the people inside with the examination,New Balance 999, which was refused. Two hours later, finally agreed to call the people inside the door, with the check.


thugs and let them off guard Tibetan mastiff

industrial salt and 'non-standard salt', the house is piled all over the place. scene happened!
toward the other jet. Although the spray down three or four people, but in the end were outnumbered, several law enforcement officers were injured, including, Zhang snow left hand was swollen, his left hand back the police Sun Yafu were hit with sticks, blood DC.
almost at the same time, the other three Tibetan Mastiff will put out. Suddenly, the Tibetan Mastiff in the yard scurry, Ji Jianjun dodge left leg by two Tibetan mastiff bite and bloody. Olivia then request support command center to send special police, special police and the Northern police station rushed to the situation under control only after and arrested some of the batterer.

two were seriously injured remains in hospital

After examination, several law enforcement officers and a civilian were injured, Ji Jianjun most serious injuries, who have multiple stick injuries, his left leg was bitten four or five Tibetan mastiff mouth stained with blood. Currently, two law enforcement officers were seriously injured remained hospitalized.

Olivia said, before the test, law enforcement officers have been bright and clear identity, did not expect the other party is so wild, their behavior has been suspected to constitute the crime of obstructing. Anyang City Salt Bureau, said Bai Changsheng, director of monitoring, the other also suspected of the crime of illegal business, the initial inventory, a total of 156.75 tons of salt illegally seized, worth 12 million yuan. Currently, Northern police station of a criminal investigation, the case is being further processed.

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