Female students due to teacher absenteeism was bea

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Female students due to teacher absenteeism was bea

Postby wonn7foiy » Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:38 pm

Forensic report, the injury is small Shu Sometimes no. The reporter
small Shu has stayed at home. Photo

newspaper the reporter April 3 hearing Jining because not feeling well, not personally leave mine the night classes,Air Force One Low, a few days ago, Kim Heung junior girls also lost their teacher, . April 2, reporters learned that the teacher has been arrested for beating administrative detention.
4 2 December, afternoon, reporters in the booming town of Jinxiang County Jinxiang Tong Shue saw the sun high school third-year student Zhang Xiaoshu (a pseudonym). She told reporters that the injured teacher embarrassing thing to happen in the evening of March 22.
small Shu said she was not feeling well that night, there is no face to face with the teacher leave, and went back to the hostel. Soon, her teacher Zhang suddenly looking over.
lying on the floor, get a hold of a bamboo pole with a mosquito net, towards her whip, said it was for her parents parallel play.
next day, a small home-sook said the matter to their grandparents, and inform the work of father far away in Guangxi. March 25, his family to the police station zone,Air Force 1 Low, and applied for forensic identification. Three days later,White Air Force One, Jinxiang County Public Security Bureau forensic results show that small-sook left hip, left knee flaky skin bruising, Department of blunt injuries, identified as Sometimes.
4 2 December, afternoon, Jinxiang County Public Security Bureau police station confirmed to reporters that zone, allegedly beat the March 29, Zhang was sentenced to 7 days of administrative detention, a fine of $ 500 penalty.
Zhang are in the detention center because the reporter could not interview him. 2, Shu-house to apologize to the small secondary school principals Zhoupei Qi told reporters that the sun, Zhang reason to play the students, recognize the existence of school management failures, the occurrence of corporal punishment should not be something the students.
as of press time reporter, correspondent Shu's father at an early age that they have to negotiate and reach an agreement and the school, the school agreed to pay medical expenses and tuition refund when the small-sook, a total of $ 10,000. However, the small-sook's father said, because (Reporter)
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