Online now break up sub- agents to provide service

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Online now break up sub- agents to provide service

Postby wonn7foiy » Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:06 am

trainee reporter Han Di

network of large, full of wonders. Recently, on the network there is a new proxy service --- breaking agent, claimed that for those who want to break up with lovers, but also inconvenient, do not want to, not personally that the people who provide
appear online breaking agent

Taobao search for Object The shop provides the main form of e-mail, web chat, SMS, telephone and so on.
Click to enter a shop, the first impressive is his slogan, fear of injury has not been affected by the other party to break up the word say? believe I will use the most appropriate way to tell him (her), to give him (her) the least damage. tell her (him), agents can ask me to do break up. special agents responsible for solving the couple break up break-up between the behavior of difficult because there are always some people for some reason for breaking up hard to say, he is unable to find friends and family instead of ... ... looking for our benefit: we are all eloquent, very rich experience for your staff to persuade, so the break can reduce damage, will not meet very embarrassing. ashamed but also to break up their customers.
each shop charges is not the same, some just $ 20, some asking price from 50 yuan to 200 yuan per month,uggs sale, depending on work required degree of difficulty, depending on fare and other costs need to separately. The transaction process, a shopkeeper, told reporters the two sides need to first explain the situation to staff, and then photographed 100 yuan as a deposit, the staff began to design reason for the split, and the method, the premise is not to hurt each other, so that the other party to accept break up. After successfully breaking up, ease of addition and subtraction according to the cost.
was asleep, he was handed a pillow

owner of a small eight circles that, since there is a break up of this social phenomenon, it appears to help people break up of the industry is also in line with common sense,billige ugg, Some people fall asleep,ugg sko, then was handed a pillow, will communicate as much as possible so that both sides do not feel embarrassed. We guarantee win, no money. what is the new new industry? agent can even break up? As the saying goes, rather demolished ten temples do not break a marriage, you are advised not to persuade points together, how could someone special agent break it? too unreasoning up. But there are people that understand, Mr. Qiao said: outlet of the institutions dedicated people are there only the market demand. successfully break up, both prone to disagreement, there is a dispute. Clients should be carefully chosen.
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