Son fight drug man eventually lost custody of ster

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Son fight drug man eventually lost custody of ster

Postby wonn7foiy » Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:22 am

WASHINGTON Huan Cheng was a small army correspondent reports: divorce , custody issues for the son of no less than debates , go to court . To get custody of the child , the man with the word September 22 , Yongxiu County Court for a ruling on the case , because the man's drug use is not conducive to children's health and development , the Court of First Instance granted the couple a divorce decree , raising her son by a woman .

Liu Haiyan and Li Xiaohui are Jiujiang Yongxiu people , both in April 2005, registration of marriage ,Air Force 1 Low, the fourth year of marriage , birth of his son Li Zijun . In recent years , Li Xiaohui infected with drug abuse , the couple quarreling . Li Xiaohui Liu Haiyan will appeal to court for divorce , and raising his son alone Lizi Jun .

Li Xiaohui agree to divorce , but for the custody of his son , refused to make concessions. I heard of people doing the sterilization of divorce custody will be given priority , Li Xiaohui before the hearing to do the sterilization surgery. He said that in accordance with their existing conditions is unlikely to remarry ,Air Force One Low, so ask the court to sentence a child under his custody .

Court of First Instance that the custody of the Li Zijun ownership , the most beneficial to children should follow the principles of healthy growth . Case,Wite Air Force One, the defendant Li Xiaohui Although sterilization has been done , but normally there is drug use is not conducive to children's health and growth. In addition, children under 3 years old now but also , more appropriate to follow their mother's life growing .

Recently, Yongxiu County Court of First Instance ruling , granted the plaintiff and the defendant Li Xiaohui Liu Haiyan divorce , marriage raising children Lizi Jun Liu Haiyan by the plaintiff . ( Figures within the text are not his real name )

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