Zen promote a harmonious society to promote the fi

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Zen promote a harmonious society to promote the fi

Postby xuwfr781784 » Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:41 am

Zen promote a harmonious society to promote the fine culture

research base in Guangdong Province, Zen Zen Cultural forum set up lecturing

8 月 25 morn, by the Guangdong Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee as a lead element, the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Guangdong Provincial Institute of ethnic and religious build, Guangdong Province, the location Research Center, Provincial Institute of ethnic and religious Religious Studies and the manufacturer in dictate of organizing the implementation of the Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Lei Yulan, Vice Minister of Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jiang Bin,ghd new zealand, vice chancellor of the Buddhist Association of China, Guangdong Province, Ming-sheng, chancellor of the Buddhist Association of Master and Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Shaoguan, Yunfu, Zhaoqing civic authorities human in dictate of the senior priests from home and overseas, experts and other sectors were more than 400 people heeded the accident. After the ceremony, the Buddhist Association of Guangdong Province, Executive Vice President and Secretary General Yao Chi Master has done a 1st theme of

established research base of Zen Culture, Zen held a large forum, is to build a cultural province of the question of the proper averaging, is a characteristic implementation of the provincial government, important amount.

Zen Buddhist tradition of China's most widespread and most far-reaching sectarian one. History of the decree it scatter far and broad pulse Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries, for the formation of Buddhism in these countries had a colossal impact. In modern times, the Zen culture is transmitted to Western Europe, North America, extending to parts of the globe, was warmhearted adored and praised, the Buddhist world and the world culture has produced small positive impact. Zen Buddhism in China, Zen Buddhism, wisdom is the wisdom embodied. Zen Liuzuhuineng, religious and cultural ideology in human history fame. On Liuzuhuineng Mao Zedong said: is considered the true author of Zen, is the real forefather of Chinese Buddhism in his under the influence of Buddhism in China, India supremacy moved, or even 'drink ancestral damn Buddha' of. Zu Hui Sun and known as the Canton with the two great men. From the international influence, in the British National Library Square, London, England, stands a sculpture of the world's top ten thinkers, among them representatives of the East thought of Confucius, Lao Tzu and Hui Neng, tied for the

Guangdong as Liuzuhuineng birth, preaching, passed away, the Zen has a rich cultural heritage, over the years, great attention to Zen and the protection of cultural heritage, to fully exploit the integration and use of the Lingnan region of Buddhist culture resources, promote Chinese traditional culture, and actively carry out exotic Buddhist cultural exchanges, and continuously made new progress. Has been in the nation.

the construction of ten projects province Zen culture, research base was established to better defend the transmission of Zen Buddhism, cultural heritage, promote the cultural spirit of Zen, Zen and outside of the effective integration of cultural resources and research capabilities, scientific planning, orderly Zen Guangdong to explore the cultural resources to promote the history and culture of Zen research and to make a nation, and even the world's true cultural studies Zen center.

cultural studies by inviting servant and abroad famous Zen, senior monks held confusion, and promote social harmony and building a happy, Guangdong has very important significance.

Zen Buddhist culture, Chinese culture is not only the mainstream, merely too the best preserved of the Lingnan region of religious culture is 1 of the local specifics of Lingnan culture, an important representative.

better protection for the displacement of Zen Buddhism, cultural heritage, promote the cultural morale of Zen, Zen and outside of the efficient integration of cultural resources and research capabilities, scientific planning, orderly Zen Guangdong to explore the cultural resources to promote the study of Zen history and culture implementing the promote the development and growth of cultural industries, Guangdong Province, Guangdong to further enhance the soft power of culture, the acceptance by the relevant units to set up base in Guangdong Province, Zen Culture.

According to the person in charge, the purpose of the research base: The organizational integration of resources to undertake the community to build a multi-fusion research and service platform, to agree in innovation and application of Zen culture and other relative work, for the provincial government, provincial government ministries and related organizations of religious policy, research, enhancement and application of information and services.

research base features are to:

(1) theoretical research

found of research fancies will be Sixth Patriarch, Zen cultural and historical studies, justice studies were Zen, Zen and orthodox Chinese cultural studies,GHD Hair, modern studies of Zen Culture, Zen philosophy and social sciences and humanities in the fields of craft applied research and Zen culture in the tourism product development and research for elementary research.

(2) promotion

give full play to the province's advocacy, social sciences advantages of the system, the province with a lusty medium and publication platform, in the province below the guidance of the ethnic and religious authorities to strengthen the culture of Guangdong Province, theory and practice of Zen experience, results advocacy, planning and promotion, to build Guangdong

(3) results into

actively preoccupy the latest relevant research community and cultural services, Zen means to close with the times, the combination of social needs, build the Zen culture of research into the province and industry incubation base, province to build a culture of service .

(4) public attitude research

full play to the situation in the province and the province of ethnic and religious center in the Institute's research strengths, the Zen culture, heritage, development, use, etc. society and public opinion research, multi-faceted study of Zen in the fashionable era in the context of the status quo and development of Zen practice and theoretical research to provide the test platform for the comprehension of state plan on religion truly provided the root fknow next to nothing ofund policy, methodology and applications complement each other.

(5) planning activities

full play to the situation in the province center and the Lingnan School Fair activities in blueprinting and organizing large-scale advantages, integration of social resources, the people were appointed to undertake Province, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Research Institute and the provincial ethnic and religious culture of the Zen seminars,hair straighteners nz, forums, exhibitions and other activities to enhance the culture of Guangdong Province,Cheap GHD, the influence of Zen.

(6) Exploration and Innovation

community organization capital, technology, talent, focus aboard Buddhist culture in the medical, educational, charitable and cultural and artistic applications.

research base established, will undertake the following activities:

1, held

2, planning to organize Strive to influence Zen's ideological and cultural education of inmates, the prison so that they can have a new point of view and space to reflect, comprehend the life of the

3, in the Sixth Patriarch festival work. The focus on two activities: Zen Cultural Forum, the first Zen Art Fair; do to aid the Sixth Patriarch Culture Festival August 31 (the Sixth Patriarch's birthday) of the Sixth Patriarch Festival reception conference;

4, amended and issued

5, do the Zen culture of the province's status investigations.

established research base of Zen Culture, Zen Cultural forum is held in the province of ethnic and religious authorities, social science research traditions through the implementation of the nine sessions of the Tenth Party, practice.

highlighted in the new social conflicts, ideological and cultural culling diversity, religious people becoming more new cases, the Zen culture of moral enlightenment and increasingly important role in psychological adjustment. Sixth Patriarch of Zen priceless rich culture and ideas, including a conflict resolution, social integration, enhance the sagacity of life, dig their pursuit of peace, harmony and respect for the values ​​and ideological content, building a harmonious society tin provide a useful mastermind resources . But how to its dregs, its marrow, to explore and promote one of the best ideas and culture, what variety of system, what method, what means is more suitable for the current new situation and new situation is a need to continue to explore a important issue.

we reinforce social construction, no the government do everything to work the age path is through social construction and social treatment innovation to fulfill. Social organization in which to grow and improve the aptitude to serve the community, to achieve its cardinal character namely to society in this Party and social organizations by all levels of government will be to provide extra patronize and support to encourage the growth of social organizations, pinned great hopes on the social construction of social organizations into full play the main role, to scale up transformation and upgrading, construction, cheerful to make a greater contribution to Guangdong.

the establishment of provincial research base of Zen Culture, Zen held a large forum, that is, the people were appointed, the provincial government implement the provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Province of China by the government authorities were appointed as a guide, the provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Guangdong Provincial Institute of ethnic and religious build, Guangdong Province, the situation Research Center, Institute of Religious Studies provincial ethnic and religious contractors and specifically responsible for organizing, absorbing passion of Zen Buddhism and cultural institutions and senior monks, savants and other community composition. Not only reflects the government's guidance and supervision role of functional departments, but also played the wisdom and strength of social institutions; either national religious mobilization, social science official experts and scholars, but also combines the Zen culture of enthusiastic community who were cross-border building, community sharing, is a agreeable offer,

research base because the establishment of Zen culture, provincial human were appointed, the provincial Academy of Social Sciences governors splice excellent importance apt personal guidance. Are frequently chaired a special appointment apt study Zen, Guangdong Province, cultural studies and preliminary go to build bases.

people in the province were appointed special meeting, the provincial people were appointed Chen Lvping Director noted that the establishment of Zen culture research base for the beyond protection of cultural heritage and tradition of Zen, Zen and outdoor the province to mainly pat the cultural resources to promote Zen cultural heritage, development, innovation and application, promote the building of a harmonious society and the pleasure of Guangdong, and implement the Program for the construction of cultural province, is of great significance. This government is highly amounted; meantime Zen is narrated to cultural studies and ethnic and religious issues, so be very cautious, for religion is not small material, ought be reiterated, cautiously to study and progress, continuing to explore and complete.

Chenlv Ping, director of construction and development work on the base of the apply to carry ahead the research base should be fine Zen culture, harmonious society, happy to make a positive contribution to the development of Guangdong. With particular consideration to the following points: First, pay attention to religion, along to management; Second, to promote the fine culture, especially religious and cultural focus of Zen; Third, we should disburse attention to social, cultural benefits, to lest negate impact to the outside world, the relevant Workers must cultivate themselves, to really serve the community of Zen culture; 4, the two sides on the basis of build, the provincial committee full of ethnic and religious support and guidance.

Provincial Academy of Social Lianggui all Dean pointed out that the research base to create the Zen culture, is the provincial government to implement the amplify and appliance Section class of research and comprehensive strength ranks in the forefront, becoming an important inspire on the citizen philosophy of social science research centre of the zone

base of Guangdong Province, Zen Culture, will add the gathering committees and government departments and research institutions, the various types of Zen and senior monks, experts and other community makeup. Research base to integrate Zen Zen culture of the community the power to promote the scientific study of Zen culture, modern, renowned and professional; enhance the overall level of cultural studies Zen, developing fine Zen; Zen culture in Guangdong to build brand,ghd Hair New Zealand, to build cultural province service, aspire to be a meaningful clash in the worldwide research base of Zen culture.

provincial people were appointed, the provincial Academy of Social Sciences guiding to the establishment of the research base have high hopes, hopes the research base by the Zen and Zen culture massive forum, community exertion, and further excavation, sorting, and promote the Zen culture, Zen Buddhist culture and promote Chinese culture and construction of contemporary, spiritual home for the construction of the Chinese aggregate, Guangdong Zen brand building, building a harmonious and happy to make a positive contribution to Guangdong!

Written by: Zhengdan Hui (Research Base, Guangdong Province, deputy adviser of Zen culture)

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