final penalty kick beaten by rivals

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final penalty kick beaten by rivals

Postby jerseys58 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:53 am

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Re: final penalty kick beaten by rivals

Postby hanlontny » Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:07 am

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monster beats outlet 新建文本文档

Postby rolexx6d » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:40 am

> Hacker Marathon is the programmer's

involved in the hacking marathon, in addition to keen to delve into technical software engineers, as well as from the company's venture team.

competition organizers will provide free diet.

Hacker Marathon is generally up to tens of hours, the contestants are tired or sitting or lying, on-site rest.

The Hackathon IsOn

With the popularity of smart phones, The United States last year held more than 200 hacker Marathon, which has spawned many new ideas, and developed into a huge industry -
- Since 2007 just around the Apple iOS system developed more than 50 million program to bring $ 3 billion in revenue for the programmer. Venture capital institutions swarmed to find worth the investment target.
Dirk multi-Koch is working hard. This is a basement, driving a fluorescent lamp. Multi Cork lying in a M acB
The ook ago, and another 31 software engineers, he has been continuous to tinker with the source code of 12 hours. Basement only a few fans of the little window, thick metal gate makes them look darker. The outside temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, San Francisco, sunny day. Every see the light legs of pedestrians from the window a moment, they feel Zhuaer Nao heart.
good news is: the kitchen reserve a sufficient number of Red Bull, potato chips, beer and energy bars are free. The bad news is: they have to dry 34 hours.
We are attend BeMyApp contest. This is a Within 48 hours, participants to the conception, design a Andrews phone plug-ins, to the judges for the demo. Last night, till midnight. I say Friday, someone gave me a microphone, let me 60 seconds to tell their plug-in idea, the next 30 minutes and the other dozen or so obsessed with mixed lip when the CEO guy. We strive to be the six Engineers and designers can automatically enter the game, the only plug-creative people (regardless of how the experience and qualifications) to go through the selection. Only the engineers and designers to vote. And we want to spend the eloquence of the used-car salesman, trying to recruit them.
our plug-in will be more than

Hacker Marathon like the programmers version of With more user-friendly software authoring tools, together with companies willing to allow third parties to share their data, last year, the United States held more than 200 Results gave birth to a series of innovative and emerging businesses, just around the Apple iO
S system, beginning in 2007, developed over 50 million plug-ins for programmers to bring $ 3 billion in revenue (Andrews plug-in 400 000, revenue of approximately $ 100,000,000).
Opportunity to overflowing even in this time --- developing plug-ins and large earn their money, to write plug-ins required time and budget has dropped lower and lower, close to zero. Programmers can cut and paste a few lines of code, we can plug-in to add a core function. With this is known as the
In other words, this is an ideal plug-industry era - even if you, like me, a line of code can not write. The hacker marathon kind of
hacker Marathon scales, and may be held in the hotel cafeteria, small game, 20 programmers in 13
.3 Million square feet of warehouse held to participate in large-scale events of up to 500 people. The scale of the competition the greater the prize money more attractive. Fortune 500 companies want to promote themselves by hackers marathon, AT
& T, Microsoft, Nokia, and even giant Unilever has hosted the hacker Marathon and plug-in contest. Do a 100 people attended the game, just put into 500
$ 0 --- taking into account one of the contestants made the plug-ins to blockbuster, was pushed to the return on the market, the investment is called trivial. Last summer, Foursquare, held the first Champion prize is a sufficient Tyson wear gold-plated belt, a trip to New York trip, as well as the opportunity to have dinner with one of the Foursquare creator. Hacker Marathon organized by a company of an emerging source platform, I saw the champion raised his giant $ 10,000 check.
venture capitalists hacker Marathon as the ideal place to look for talent and investment objectives. oogle, PayPal and T w itter, but also investment company SV A
ngel's one of the founders. ack contest, the champion not only won the $ 15,000 seed money, a place still venture accelerator. T echC runch at the D
is-rupt hacker Marathon, the winner can win up to $ 250,000 in prize money,paul smith france, as well as the opportunity to meet and Conway
This trend has spread to the traditional world of technology, the female hacker marathon, juvenile hacker marathon, Students hackers marathon, with autism struggle hacker marathon, improve education hacker Marathon, help veterans hacker Marathon, create occupation of Wall Street clean energy
Hacker marathon not suddenly emerge, they are derived from the coding trend. Movie At intervals of about two months now, Facebook's more than 700 software engineers will gather in the company office, participate in a 24-hour event, the arena doors are decorated with a big sticker that says H
-A,-C-K (meaning of Facebook a number of important functions, including Tim
eline (Timeline) and The winner can get limited edition posters, printed inspirational sentence, such as IN
Of HAC K, W ET R U ST (our faith encoding). In December last year, lawmakers and even invite Facebook to Capitol Hill to hold hackers marathon.
Software engineers at Google can be 20% of working time for the development of Deputy Project. Creativity often arises from the closed beta in these activities, as many as 100 engineers gathered quickly oogle their own products. As LinkedIn, Yelp, and other established technology companies to the R ockM
elt, Path emerging enterprises will be held all-night coding competition to encourage creativity, to get rid of the boredom.
Of course, from the 1960s, programmers have been participating in self-organization of the informal hacker marathon. Steven Levy published in 1984, mentions that However, until the late 1990s, this hacker Marathon appeared: after a series of seminars, attend the General Assembly of the open source software, software engineers are always eager to want to personally play a. So the last day, they gathered in a room, and together learn the coding, then no money, no promotion, no non-technical sector participants.
Let us return to BeMyApp site. My ideas get the most support. Even better, I won the war for talent. And himself as a the oogle work, is responsible for the company's network server. I grabbed Zach Poring, 27-year-old with the baby face, a professional coding career began at age 14, at Texas Instruments,, and four to attract adequate investment in emerging enterprises.
Tell the truth, as early as a month ago, I got a wave to make the commitment to help --- When we met in a another hacker marathon,. He is recognized as the He has developed a plug-in, the use of iP
The ad's accelerometer to develop a remote control Lego Mindstorm NXT toys, the iPad left Akira, the robot will be left. Apple developers a particular passion of iO the SD evC
am p coolest plug-ins game, the Poring defeated 54 teams. With the waves so that, how could I lose?
BeMyApp not encouraged to develop plug-ins just for fun, world peace or the prize. The mission of the game is the birth of a small company, it's advertising slogan is: cities held, including London, Paris and Zurich. The organizers claimed that every game will have at least one can enter the apple or Andrews plug-store project.
my plug-ins will win this honor?
to 11 at 27 points Saturday night, my team is no longer concerned about the issues that win do not win I just want to hurry up the completion.

two on the R with R uby
ails to develop plug-ins have been two years. Friday, they said that would like to use Python or JavaScript programming language, was more than Koch to convince with R
uby. But this will come home he went to sleep, our work has reached an impasse. There are 19 hours, free pizza to eat.
Steve Ma Tuoqi and the Gulai De �� Hecate spend a few months time to find a new office, these two early twenties young man is G roupM
The founder of the e. Finally, they will be placement of the company in a 5300 square feet of the Flatiron District of New York on the 10th floor of the plant. The office has a slip of the children south facing windows, dusk, 23 people can play table tennis, watching the orange sun dyed the surrounding buildings.
the Ma Tuoqi business before inauguration last company on the side. Months of 2010, he was the G ilt the G
roupe (online retailers) like an exiled outcast. Then G
The ilt organized the first internal hackers marathon, 27-year-old Ma Tuoqi use the night time come up with an analysis and Exhibition

show real-time software revenues of the biggest opponents of the G ilt. This is nothing nefarious design, but the use of existing data and open AP
I conducted the analysis. The Ma Tuoqi to win the game, the boss to throw him a the iPad. He asked to continue to develop the software, but the company refused, afraid of bad influence. Ma Tuoqi lost his friends, Hecate know something to keep his heart: to participate in New York, 2010 D
isruptive hacker Marathon.
Hecate is not encoded. Was 23 years old, he is the blog platform T-um
The blr commercial development, and Ma Tuoqi want to create their own company. They found that texting, they have the same dissatisfaction: to join the concert, they can not mass SM to a bunch of friends
S update. Of course, the BlackBerry can be used BBM, but all with the iPhone, the Atradius mobile phone or other low-end mobile phones are excluded the They want to make a group of people to read and update the information sent by a member. Ma Tuoqi surprise,Beats By Dre, there is no such plug-ins. So they decided to develop a.
Two detailed idea of ??a plug-in design, function and business development, and found only one problem. They need this information transfer mode: a member of only the information sent to a phone number, this number and then put the text messaging to everyone. lickatell information platform, but we realize that we need in the United States is prohibited. isrupt stadium that moment, to know this important news. No C lickatell as the basis of the entire plug-in, they lose their delivery platform.
However, at the venue, they found that one had never heard of T w ilio, a cloud platform for voice and text messaging, you can achieve the kind of information they want to send (T
w ilio channels is also responsible for the Hu lu net customer support, the ub StubH of sales and irbnb the mobile subscription service).
next two use 12 hours a plug-in,dr dre beats headphones, at the beginning called the G, Hecate registered the domain name and T-w
the itter account, design logo, the K
inko's printed 1,000 copies of business cards, and use the whiteboard to do a demonstration. During the race, Hecate is also responsible for for Ma Tuoqi delivery of beer and pizza, and the latter occasionally stand up, only to quickly on the toilet, Shengelanyao. The p-> 72 hours later, Ma Tuoqi stage the face of the 300 shows G
the, 97 seconds to complete this task, or even most of the functionality of the plug-ins already available. After the end of the presentation, Ma Tuoqi walk through the crowd. He took the iPhone display plug-in, around soon surrounded by a circle of people, more people will come one after another.
Next Monday, Ma Tuoqi and the Hecate received venture capital, Charlie �� Aoduonaier, Tel. He saw in the hacker marathon of G, and where their First R oundC
the apital primarily responsible for people to join a group, for trial. They like it. Hecate and Ma Tuoqi then quit her job, their company opened in August for a new name
roupeM e obtained a $ 850,000 investment from several companies, including FirstR oundC apital and SV A.
ngel. In January 2011, they absorb the investment has reached $ 10.6 million. In March of that year, the SX
SW Music Festival, two million messages sent through this service. Five months later, the G roupM
e acquisition of Skype for $ 85 million. For a vice project that only took 12 hours, not bad results.
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