vibram five fingers bikila Highschool Rumble

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vibram five fingers bikila Highschool Rumble

Postby fanfeng8 » Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:46 pm

Bzzzt! Bzzzt! Bzzz!
The alarm clock was shattered in an instant. Another day had begun.
The sun's light slowly filled the room and became a certain reminder even the bed's sole occupant could not ignore. The figure underneath the plain white sheets tossed and turned, but it was in vain. Morning had won again.
The covers were kicked off the twin-sized mattress and the remains of the clock were swept into a neat little basket, full of the unfortunate timekeepers kin. Callous feet dragged across the red carpet, over the piles of dirty clothes and various kinds of junk, and onto the smooth tile of the bathroom, which was conveniently placed just down the hall.
Rough hands flicked the switch. His green eyes winced at the sudden flash of brilliance, but the rest of him was too tired to do anything else. The boy gazed at him self in the mirror, casually taking a inventory of himself.
Long, rust-red hair? Check.
Far too pale skin? Check.
Five foot, nine inches? Double check.
Whiskers? Yep,christian louboutin flats Hide and Seek, still scruffy.
Boxers with little hearts all over them? Uh-huh.
With his list complete, he stripped off the boxers and entered the little paradise we all know as a warm shower. Half an hour later, he stepped out, ran a brush through his locks and took care of his dental hygiene. Now clean and ready to meet the day, he retreated back to his room.
"Ean," called a voice from down the hall; "It's the first day of school today. I don't know where you put your uniform."
"It's alright, Mom, I know where it is."
Ean didn't particularly like uniforms. They were too restricting, too uncomfortable, and didn't have enough self-expression. There just weren't his style. This one, however,birkenstock gizeh sandals, was his favorite. He left his room, fully dressed in a white collared shirt, black slacks, equally dark shoes, and a bright red jacket. It was a good one, not too fancy, and plenty of stretching room.
And so he was out at his kitchen table,Ray Ban Frame Sunglasses, the light streaming in onto the blue tablecloth from the large window behind him. A half-full glass of orange juice sat in front of him whilst he gorged down on what was left of a fried-egg sandwich. His mother sat on the brown and green couch, reading the newspaper, just like she did every morning.
She was a tall, round woman; the strain of having two children and a husband to take care of was clearly taking its toll on her face. She was in her mid-forties, and silver lines began to spread out from the part in her dark brown hair. She had the same green eyes as her son and they shared many other features as well such as skin tone, nose size, and-she claims-a sense of humor.
Ean sighed. He didn't want to go to school. Like many his age, he did not see the importance of receiving a high school education. He'd rather be free to roam the streets as he pleased; in whatever clothes he pleased; and not have to bother with coming up with excuses for not doing his homework. Then he could focus more clearly on his real goals.
"You'd better get going," his mother commented from her trance-like state, "this school is not as close as your other one was."
"Sorry. I'll get going." He threw the rest of his sandwich into the trashcan as he headed towards the back door. He had just put his hand on the knob and was beginning to open the portal when once more his mother spoke from behind her screen of words.
"Taking the back alley again? You know I don't like you doing that."
He turned with a grin to her, the early sun shining in the green pools of his eyes almost made them glow like gems.
"You know I'll be fine. I don't get into trouble."
She snorted, "Now if that isn't the biggest lie I've ever heard..." But he never heard her. He was gone before his words even reached her ears.
Ean's shoes collected dew as he made the trek from the back door to the chain-link fence that cut their yard off from the unused alley behind the house. A black blur shot out from some unseen corner of the relatively empty lawn. It immediately latched on to Ean's leg and tried to rend his pants from his body.
"Hey, Shaft!" Ean called to the offender. It dropped the pant leg and sat down on the grass. It was a small dog, of the schnauzer breed to be exact, but Ean could never prove that linage. He wore a crimson collar around his neck that he was constantly scratching at, despite various forms of pest control Ean and his family had tried.
"Sorry, boy. Can't mess with you today. Could you go get my back pack?"
Shaft barked and scurried to a small doghouse right by the fence. A few seconds afterward he popped back out with a large bag in his teeth. It was rather plain, nondescript and was clearly of low quality as there were several rips and tears in it. Its black and yellow surface was covered in dust and dirt that Ean assumed was from its former place of residence.
Ean took the pack from the dog's teeth and un-zipped its main compartment. He reached inside and pulled out a pair of maroon gloves. He slipped them on. The cool morning air had chilled them enough to have a frosty bite to the leather. Ean was glad that he had removed the fingers with a box cutter over the summer. He did very good job as far as he was concerned. He slung the bag onto his back and continued on his way.
"Good boy, I won't be back for a while so try not to get into trouble."
And with the grace of a cat, Ean slapped his hand down on the fence and pushed himself up around and over the barrier. There was a bounce in his step as he stepped out onto the still dimly lit pavement. His house wasn't far from the school, only about fifteen minutes so he decided he'd take it easy,herve leger bandage dress, despite his mother's warnings.
"She's always early anyways."
He smiled. It was going to be a good day. He knew it! Ten minutes later Ean found out he didn't know a thing.
Just a block to school, he told himself, no more than a hundred yards and I'll have finally gotten to school without a fight.
He shivered with both the excitement and fears one normally experiences when riding a roller coaster. Why, you ask? That answer is a simple as it is appalling. Ean has been in more fights in five years than most professional boxers would in their entire lifetime. There was no rhyme or reason to his altercations. For many of those he was the prime instigator of the conflict. Maybe it has something to do with his lack of patience.
The early morning sunlight glinted off the shards of a broken bottle as a slight breeze blew what was left of the label into Ean's pale face. Casting it aside with a gloved hand he peered up at a green and white sign at the end of the road. It was rather large, and the text was spelled out in a bright neon viridian color.
It stated boldly:
Tristram Academy for the Gifted.
Ean snorted. How pretentious, he thought, It's a public school too, morons.
A little further down the road and Ean saw it. Surrounding the building was an iron fence, black and foreboding, with its many square bars topped with a golden fleur-de-lis. Inside that was an all too green lawn, perfectly cut for the first day of school and laid out like a virgin for the bridegroom of Ean's shoes. The Structure itself was an odd pink color trimmed with a taupe sort of color. It had many windows and several smaller building branching out and connected by the white pavement that seemed to glow in the morning sun.
Ean was giddy. He was so close to his goal. The heavy gray doors were in sight. Forty feet and he would have gotten the entire way to school without so much as a scuffle or push.
Thirty feet. He could hear the laugher of his classmates now.
Fifteen feet. Not a single punch thrown,scarpe adidas running, amazing!
Five feet. Five feet and he would be there. Five feet and it would be over!
Ean tried desperately to swallow the lump in his throat. He did it! All he had to do was open the door. The metal of the door latch was slightly warm to the touch yet still slick from the dew of the previous night. He pushed it forward and it clicked out of its jam.
"Ha! I knew I could do it."
There was a sound of a mouse. It fell on Ean's ears like an artic wind falls upon a naked man. He shivered and froze in place, his foot hanging just inside the door jam. He waited for a few seconds.
"No��It's nothing."
He placed his foot on the blue tile of the hallway. Then it came again. It was higher pitched this time. And louder, much louder. Ean broke out in a sweat.
"It's just a bird." He laughed halfheartedly, "Just a bird."
Once more it assailed his ears. This time it was even more prevalent,vibram five fingers bikila, so much that Ean could almost make out words.
"Ha ha��Just a bird that can talk. A- a parrot that's right."
"I'm Sorry! Eek!"
Ean's face fell. He dropped his backpack by the door. Turned around and drug his feet back up the slope. He let out a deep sigh.
"Looks like I lost the bet. I owe Mom how much now? Five dollars?"
Over the crest of the hill, Ean followed the tell tale sounds of shameless punks and female sobbing all the way to an alley. It was dark, like always; it had four occupants, just like the last time he did this; three of the people in this stagnate alleyway were dressed in black leather and chains, not surprisingly; there was a sobbing girl in front of the aforementioned punks, and she was most clearly in distress. He had seen this a million times before.
God��how does she always know these things?
One of them grunted and whipped his pink Mohawk all about.
"Hey, hey��it was just one hit, don't get so worked up over it."
"Yeah, yeah besides if you keep making those sounds it'll get us excited��" The one on the left chimed in, his many piercing making a clinking sound as he spoke.
The girl froze, the tears themselves clung to the side of her face and seemed to ice over. Her bloodshot eyes tripled in size, which was pretty large considering the coke bottle spectacles she had on.
The lead man, signified by his many belts on every limb and large blue bandanna wrapped around his head,true religion jeans High Noon, groaned and snatched the girl up by her short blond hair. He stared her in the face and cracked a grim smile.
"Oh��that look just does it for me you little bitch. We're going to have lots of fun with you."
Ean had just about enough. He entered the alley with a thunderous stomp of his feet. All instantly knew his presence, the three miscreants shifted their attention and darted their beady eyes to him likewise; the girl stared at his silhouetted form standing just at the edge of the darkness.
"You know, I would think that guys like you get sick of eating their own teeth."
The young woman's captor barely had time to blink before Ean's fist connected with his jaw. He let go of the blond and at the same time gravity seemed to let go of him. He sailed down the pavement and into a collection of metal bins,true religion Women's Shorts Higher Beings, the type usually reserved for recycling purposes. All this happened faster than the untrained eye could perceive.
He then doubled over. The foot implanted in his chest might have had something to do with that. Ean lifted him with his leg up and over his head, and then threw him into the concrete wall with a snap of his knee. Finished with the first two he threw his arms out to the side and crossed them behind his head in an exaggerated sort of stretching exercise.
"It's been too long. I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to snap your bones in half!"
He slowly turned. His eyes were hidden by locks of rust colored hair that had been allowed to fall during his last attack. The last offender back himself against a wall, his exuberant hair now wilting with the cold sweat.
Ean stopped. His eyes flashed with an unknown emotion.
"I'm afraid they won't be helping you today."
He grinned a toothy, evil sort of grin. The kind that makes chills run up and down ones spine. The kind of wry little smile that makes a priest out of an atheist. Instantly, the man's pupils contracted down into little points.
"Wait, I��I know who you are!"
He flailed his hand in wild gestures at Ean's body.
"Those gloves! That long red hair! You're the Crimson Flash!"
And a crimson flash he was. One swift blow to the abdomen sent the poor boy skyrocketing. Ean turned around and straightened his back. He focused his eyes on the girl.
"You headed for the school, or what?"
He then spun around and kicked the falling form of the deviant out of the alley. He tumbled around on the street before coming to a halt sprawled out in the middle of the road.
Ean took a second to wipe the sweat from his brow. It had been too long.
I'm already sweating? I guess I need to start practicing again.
Ean took one last look at the would-be victim and started back to the school. He snatched up his backpack and headed to his first class. As he walked he tilted his head up at the Styrofoam white ceiling.
I'm late again. Why does this always happen?
He thought on it a minute but then shrugged it off. He had other things to do anyhow, like make a bad first impression��again. And so one more year started off terribly and Ean was out five more dollars to his mother.
He had to quit making these bets with her.
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