vibram five finger Hey! Tinkerbell!

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vibram five finger Hey! Tinkerbell!

Postby fanfeng8 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:29 pm

Author Note: Ok this is the better version of this.. If you dont understand anything that is said in it just let me know, mmmkay?
Bored… Boooorrrreeeeddd… Oh so bored…
Why oh why do we need to go through this hell almost every day?
Almost time to go…
Just fifteen more minuets left
"JASAVALE,vibram five finger!" screeched Ms Williams our Indonesian teacher. "If you are finished daydreaming could you kindly tell the class how you would say 'Good afternoon sir, I would like to buy 2 apples today." The whole class turned to stare at me, waiting for my answer. Some of them are even snickering, because they know that I suck at indo and they can't wait to hear what I'm going to say…"Well? We don't have all day Mr. Martinez"
Just then I felt a jab in my side I looked over to glare at my friend,mbt schuhe günstig, but all he does is just point down to his book.
"Oh,mont blanc pens online Heroin and Alcohol The Stor! I know. Its 'Saya mempunyai seekor kelinci di celana saya'" I say smugly.
Ha! Take that you evil woman!
It was that moment that every one in the class burst into laughter; even Ms Williams was trying not to laugh. I look over at my best mate and see him with a big goofy smile on his face.
Billy. You are so dead!
"You should have been there Anna,thomas sabo shop He's Unstoppable!! It was the funniest thing ever," Billy my so called
'Best Mate' told our other friend at lunch. "I mean I knew he was stupid but not that stupid." "Billy, shut up!" I said having gotten sick of him telling the story again and again.
"But seriously man 'I have a rabbit in my pants'? Even you should have been able to tell that wasn't the right thing." "You know that I suck at indo,Nike Shox R2 Hidden in the Jungle!" I replied getting embarrassed. Billy just starts laughing at me again.
"Don't worry about it Jazz." Anna says softly with a stupid smile on her face. "None of us are good at everything, and you're just not good at indo."
"Who say's I'm worried? I don't care about stupid indo. And besides I swear that Ms Williams has it in for me." I snap back at Anna because I just know that she's mocking me, well she's not really trying to hide it, especially when she has stupid grin on her face.
Yeah, yeah laugh it up my friends but just you wait. Mwahahaha
"Jazz, are you having evil thoughts again?" Billy asks. "Because you have that look on your face that you get when ever you do."
Am I that easy to read?
"But seriously man, you do know that we're just messing with you?" Billy asked me.
I just sigh and nod my head. My friends finally drop the whole indo incident and continue eating. Everything is pretty quiet. Well, as quiet as a schoolyard at lunch can be. I looked down at my lunch.
Vegemite and cheese again? Gee Gran you sure know how to use variety when you make my lunch. Eh I suppose I can't complain, she did say that ' if you want variety then make that bloody thing yourself boy!' Ha. Good old Gran.
As I'm eating, I look around the school ground and see the same old things that I see every day from our normal spot by the library. Brick walled classrooms, a small and very sad garden, the year seven's that always play four square, our locker bay and kids running to the canteen to line up before the line gets to big.
Good luck kiddies its thirty-two degrees, almost the whole school is lined up…
"So what do you guys have next two?" Billy asks Anna and my self, breaking the silence.
Typical Billy. He never could stand silence. I thought with a small smile.
"I have bio and chem,thomas sabo Armb?nder," Anna tells us. "What about you jazz?"
"Art and music," I say with a grin. Billy and I looked at each other. "Bluge!" we both called out. "God you two are so immature," Anna said rolling her eyes.
And so that was basically my first day back at 'William Theodore Francis' Secondary College also known as Francis high. Why is it called that, you ask? Because good old Willie is the founder of the school. Our school motto is 'ut erigo supremus totus alius' which means 'to raise above all others.' I find that funny I mean this is Francis high we're talking about,thomas sabo Armkette, one of the saddest schools in Melbourne.
But as I was saying it was my first day back at school as a big bad year 11. And as per usual it was the normal Aussie summer weather meaning that the coolest it got was thirty degrees. Sometimes I really hate Australia.
And if you idiots haven't realized by now what my name, is then I shall take pity on you and tell you it. My name is Jasavale Martinez, but please just Jazz or I will hurt you, sometimes I think my mum was high when she named me,Montblanc Starwalker, but gran says that I was meant to be a girl and they where going to call me Jezebel. And well if you cant tell I'm a dude, so my oh so smart mum changed it to Jasavale which to her sound more manly.
Anyway my name is Jazz, I'm 16 and in year 11 at Francis high.
And this is my story.
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