Wake Up With Andy Pettitte Hitting A Home Run With The Astros (2006)

Remember that time Andy Pettitte hit a home run for the Astros? Me neither. Or maybe you do. I’m just being honest in saying that I don’t remember. Honesty is always the best policy. At the time of me writing this, it’s 1 AM, and Sunday Night Baseball just wrapped up. I’ve got the Astros on the brain, and my first thought when I sat down to write the Wake Up blog was, “What the fuck was Andy Pettitte’s most memorable moment with the Astros?”

As any millennial would do when faced with such a question, I opened up YouTube, typed “Andy Pettitte Astros” in the search bar, and this was the first video that came up. Guy pitched three years in Houston, even started a World Series game for them, and (according to YouTube), his most memorable moment as an Astro was at the plate. This was actually a fuckin’ bomb, too. Went several rows deep, almost like he was taking HGH or something. Big Pettitte admirer, though. Was very happy when he left the American League.

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