Joe Maddon Suggests The WBC Champs Should Play The World Series Champs In A Best Of Three Series

Cleveland Indians v Chicago Cubs

I just wanted to address this ONE MORE TIME for the people who don’t get it. Before the WBC started, I wrote that I didn’t care about the WBC because US baseball fans had yet to really get into it, and the best of the best US players haven’t really, either.

This year has been BY FAR the best WBC ever played, and I’ve been really into it. I’ve watched every single game. I’m the friggin’ baseball writer for Barstool, so obviously I’m going to cover the tournament regardless of if I’m invested in it or not, but I’ve been enjoying the fuck out of these games, and what baseball fan wouldn’t? They’ve been incredible. However — and I sort of get it, if you’re just a headline-reader and don’t dive into the context of what I actually wrote — I’ve been getting hammered for enjoying the games, because I originally said that I didn’t care about the tournament.

Let me put it to you this way — and this isn’t exactly the greatest comparison, because the first four Fast & Furious movies are great — but let’s just say for the sake of putting things in perspective that I didn’t enjoy any of the Fast & Furious movies until The Rock started doing them. So, because I like the franchise now that The Rock is in the movies, does that mean that I have to like all the movies in the franchise that came before that? No. No, it does not. That’s how I feel about the World Baseball Classic. This one has been AWESOME. The other ones? Not so much. You fuckin’ get it now? You gonna get off my dick about it? Great, grand, wonderful.

Anyways, so Cubs manager Joe Maddon came up with this pretty cool idea over the weekend, and I think that a lot of baseball fans would actually get behind something like this.

Maddon’s thought was that, every four years when the Classic is held, the defending World Series champions should play the Classic champions in a best-of-three immediately following the tournament.

“From a competitive perspective, with guys in shape [late in camp], I think that would be very interesting,” Maddon said. “You want your players amped up at that point, anyway.”
As Major League Baseball continues its efforts to grow the stateside and global reach of this event, Maddon’s idea — more accurately putting the “world” in World Series — has a lot of merit.

There’s only one reason why I wouldn’t want to see this happen, and that’s because we’d never hear the end of how big of a genius Maddon is for thinking of such a great idea. It’d be unbearable.

But if we can get past that, then who wouldn’t want to see something like this? I mean, after watching the intensity of these World Baseball Classic games this year, I don’t think I could ever go back to spring training games in March. Some dude on Twitter put it perfectly when he described it as basically watching October baseball in March with the WBC, or you can watch the Librarian League AKA spring training games. If the tournament carries the same excitement moving forward that it did this year, then it’s a no-brainer.

The only problem is, you’d have to work some kinks out, because you’d inevitably be faced with a scenario where a player is representing their country for the World Baseball Classic champions, but also played for the World Series champions the year before. Which team would have dibs on that player? It’d be unfair to make the player choose, I think. The only way to settle that would be to have the managers of both teams play each other in Mario Kart.

Regardless of how they settled that issue, I would much rather watch the Cubs versus Team USA, Puerto Rico, Japan or the Netherlands in a three-game series than watch the Red Sox’ minor leaguers versus the Twins’ minor leaguers for the fifth time in two weeks.

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