Gary Sanchez Crushed A Home Run Off The Scoreboard In Batting Practice

I can’t believe that there are still some idiots who think that Gary Sanchez’s 2016 run at the major league level was a fluke. Look at the fucking power this guy has. George M. Steinbrenner Field has the same ballpark dimensions as the old Yankee Stadium, so that wall in left-center is 399 feet away from home plate, plus the ball hit well over 20 feet up the scoreboard. That’s a BOMB.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.39.44 AM

This guy got called up on August 3, hit his first home run on August 10, and then went on to hit 20 home runs in a 43-game span through September 27. Over that span that Sanchez hit 20 bombs, the most in the MLB, the major league average was 4.2 home runs, not even a quarter of his torrid pace. Hitting 20 home runs in 43 games means that he hit a home run once every 2.15 games, so that would’ve put him at a pace to hit 75 home runs over the course of a 162-game season. Not terrible.

I was curious, so I just looked it up — Sanchez hit a moonshot off of David Price at Fenway Park last year (436 ft.), and I would’ve bet pretty good money that it was his longest home run of 2016. I would’ve lost said money. It was the second longest. His longest was a three-run shot in Tampa (439 ft.), but it definitely didn’t look like it went as far as the Price bomb. If he stays healthy, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this kid popped 35+ homers in his age-24 season this year.

PS — For all the hardos that are about to jump in and say, “WHO CARES DUDE IT’S JUST BATTING PRACTICE BRO” — it’s fucking February 17th. That’s what you get this time of year. Pipe down.

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