BREAKING NEWS: Mason Williams Is On His Way To Oakland

This is just coming out but Mason Williams is on his way to Oakland to meet up with the Yankees. This means that it’s likely someone is going on the DL to clear a roster spot. If it were Sanchez, the move would be for a catcher because you can’t carry just one, so this likely means that while playing the best baseball of his career, Hicks is hitting the DL. This is the pretty clear course of action, but let me get a little creative.

What if someone is getting cut? The Yankees could in theory put Holliday in the outfield, but know the injury risk, and Refsnyder has played some outfield, but can’t be a long-term solution. Plus, neither of those guys is a true centerfielder and it’s better to keep Gardner in left. Chris Carter is absolute garbage but he’s having a decent June (.279/.340/.512/.852 3HR, 8RBI) and with Bird likely to miss more time, it the only true first baseman we have. 

That’s why I think if Hicks won’t need 10 full days, Refsnyder could be gone. He’s batting .167 with no true position and I believe he is out of options. The Yankees have come too far in a short period of time to let the season go by not having a real centerfielder, even for a couple of games. Since it’s Mason Williams and not one of our top outfield prospects, this isn’t likely to be a long trip to the big leagues. Frazier or Fowler would signal that this is a long-term issue so we can rest easy about Hicks in the long term, but in the short term, someone must go and if it’s not Hicks to the DL, Refsnyder makes sense.

 Mason Williams has struggled to stay healthy the last few years, but he did go deep for his first MLB hit.


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