Video Of A Cop Shooting A Suspect Who Attacked Him Out Of NOWHERE On A Road Should Give You New Appreciation For Police

Denver Post – A Douglas County sheriff’s deputy had a split second to react Friday when he suddenly came face to face with a man holding an assault rifle near an SUV stopped along a suburban roadway.

The sheriff’s office on Wednesday released video of Deputy Brad Proux, a six-year veteran, approaching the vehicle and suddenly encountering the driver, who stood with an assault rifle in his hands.

Proux shot Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas, 25, who has been charged with first-degree assault of a peace officer, said Littleton Police Department Chief Doug Stephens.

Investigators do not know why Rivas-Maestas stepped out of the SUV with the rifle in his hands, or why he was stopped on the roadside. The gun was not loaded, Stephens said.

In the last few years there have been a lot of judgmental eyes cast towards police officers with how they’ve handled some situations and in some cases it’s not undeserved. But the thing people need to remember is that every single day most cops go to work, there’s a chance that a situation like this can happen. This cop saw a car pulled over, went to check and see what’s up, and all of a sudden he’s got some dude coming right after him out of nowhere like the zombie mode in a Buck Hunter arcade game. I mean look at the scene here:

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.45.49 PM

Just a beautiful day in Colorado, one of the chillest states around with the added calming effect of readily available legal marijuana, and all of a sudden Deputy Proux here was in a fight for his life with no clue what’s going on. That’s the definition of going 0 to 60. And this video is only the equivalent of walking a yard in this officer’s shoes and cops deal with this every single day. I’m not sure that forgives every single thing that happens with a cop in a video but if you can watch this and not feel sympathy for the people doing this job every day, you might not have a pulse.

PS The dude getting shot was the one amusing part of the video. How you can be psycho enough to swing a rifle at a cop but not psycho enough to avoid acting like a total pussy when a bullet hits you in the arm…I don’t know man. Seems to me like if you’re that crazy you should have an insane pain tolerance to go with it. I don’t mean to critique the methodology of proven dangers to society but I do believe in the importance of living up to expectations.

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