UCSD Students Block Highway Traffic To Protest Donald Trump, Girl Promptly Hit By A Car

Around Midnight Wednesday morning, about 1000 UCSD students began a protest on their campus. The group made their way around the campus for about an hour before making it to the freeway onramp to I-5 at La Jolla Village Drive. A group of about 20 protesters made their way down the ramp and into the lanes of traffic with about 800 protesters following down the ramp. A car traveling at freeway speeds did not notice the group entering the lanes and hit a female protester in the middle lane.

Can you believe this motherfucker traveling at freeway speeds on the freeway? Jesus dude what’s your problem? They’re trying to have a protest out here. You just “didn’t notice” the kids who just walked onto the highway, at night time, in the dark, to try and get in your way to protest the new president? Deplorable.

Quick devil’s advocate here though, just to get the conversation started – I’ve never blocked traffic on a major highway, and I’ve also never been hit by a car. Coincidence? Or something people who don’t want to be hit by cars should like into?

When you realize your safe space doesn’t protect against speeding automobiles:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 4.00.34 PM


I wish these protesters could figure out a better system that’s a little more selective of whom they inconvenience. Like it took me 45 minutes to cross the park the other night, stopped dead in traffic in the back of some smelly ass taxi cab because you guys were protesting. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Why are you ruining my life.

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