Two Asshole Guys Littered In Front Of A City Worker Doing Sidewalk Cleanup And He Did Not Take It Well At All

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you see a guy picking up garbage in any capacity, whether it be a city worker, a homeless person, or even a common grouchy muppet, you don’t fuck with them. Any person being forced to rifle through trash for a living or survival is simply not someone you want to cross. Your life has to take so many turns for you to end up being like “Yeah you know what, I’m just gonna pick up garbage to get by.” They’re a human like you and they know the job sucks but they’re trying to survive out there like anyone else. A glass bottle cracked over a head is the least of your worries if you poke that hornet’s nest given all of the above, even if that dude got his face eaten off I wouldn’t have been completely surprised.

And while you have to admit that it’s not a great look for a worker to bash dudes with glass bottles, they definitely had it coming. There was no hint of apology, no hint of humanity when that dude kicked the litter across the floor. Maybe that righteous glass bottle of socioeconomic justice will teach him a lesson about being less of a shithead. It’s more likely the guy called the cops, will press charges that the garbage dude can’t fight off, and will end up learning nothing besides how to never pay a real price for his actions. But a man can dream of a world where there’s a little hope for those brave enough to pick up our trash:

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