This Girl Going Viral Because Her Cousin Slid In Her DMs Seems Like A Bit Of An Awkward Situation

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God bless the onslaught of Black Twitter memes on any tweet like this:

Anyone who’s spent a time on a porn site within the last year can tell you that incest is VERY in right now. And as they say, shooters shoot. Even if the shot looks like this:

Now does that mean you should go trying to fuck every third cousin with a tight bikini pic? Of course not, unless you’re a fan of controlling your own destiny with awkward Thanksgiving conversations instead of leaving it in someone else’s hands. Incest is wrong no matter how many poorly acted Spankbang scenes tickle your fancy; it’s a fast track to giving birth to a kid with a Hey Arnold head and Hypnotoad eyes when you go swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

But then again, I’m not at all surprised that some more cousins might be finding themselves casting it out to distant family members these days. Before these types of situations would only go down with drunken whispers at family reunions, whiskey-breathed uncles saying something out of left field about “blossoming into womanhood” to the cousin coming back from college from the first time. But now with relatives you never even knew growing up having access to you on social media, you’re not really family, they’re just watching you from afar as a distant memory of some five-year-old they met years and years ago. Weirdness is bound to happen when that’s where the world brought us.

So hey congrats on all the incest out there people with attractive family members, low morals, and an active social media account out there. Our collective DNA losing or gaining chromosomes is in your hands now.

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